Try Red Dog Card Game for Free

Try Red Dog Card Game for Free

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The Red Dog card game was originally played in the United States and has immediately gained popularity all over the world because of its simplicity and rewarding features. Find out what the Red Dog card game is all about and learn an exciting new game today.

Red Dog card game: How to play

Basic Rules

Similar to other card games, Red Dog uses a standard 52-card deck and ranking system, wherein aces are high. Created by Betsoft, one of the most well-known game providers, here are the basics of the Red Dog card game:

  • The game starts by placing an ante bet on the table. Choose your desired wager. You can select the ‘Place Bet’ button as many times as you want depending on the amount you want to wager in the game.
  • Once you’re done, click the ‘Deal’ button on your screen. Two upturned cards will be placed onto the table with spaces allocated for the next card. With the two upturned cards, you can determine if the spread is big or not, and assess if you have a big chance to win in the round.
  • New options will be given to you such as to ‘Stand’ or ‘Ride’. The ‘Ride’ button means doubling your bet while ‘Stand’ means you’re sticking with the amount of your current bet.
  • Note – the suit doesn’t matter in this game.

For new players, the ante bet is your initial bet. It is needed in every table game to start. All you need to do is choose, bet and win by guessing the next card right.

Outcomes and spread

During the game, two cards are dealt face up on the table with three possible outcomes:

1. If the cards are in succession (e.g. 5 and 6, or queen and king), your bet will be returned to you as the hand is a push.

2. If the cards have equivalent numbers, then a third card will be dealt to determine whether it’s a push or not.

  • If the value of the third card is the same as the previous cards, then you will be rewarded with 11:1 payout.
  • If the value of the third card is not the same, it is then considered a push.

3. If the cards’ values are far from each other (e.g. 3 and 9), that’s when a spread happens.

  • For example, if a 3 and a 9 are dealt, the gap between them is 5. This means there is a 5-spread between them.
  • You will then be given a chance to double your bet with a ‘Ride’ or to ‘Stand’ and stick to your current bet.
  • When you’ve made your selection, a third card will be dealt.
  • If the value of the third card is between the value of the two initial cards, you will receive a payout according to the spread. If not, you will then lose your bet.



Wondering what payouts can you expect? Here is the breakdown of payouts for every spread of the Red Dog card game:




5 to 1


4 to 1


2 to 1

4 to 11






3 of a Kind

11 to 1

Tips and tricks to win in the Red Dog card game

One of the ways to win in a game is to play with a strategy. Though most casino games are purely based on luck, a proper strategy can still help you gain more chances to win double, triple and even quadruple! Here are the tips and tricks you can use when playing the Red Dog card game:

Choose the ‘Ride’ button if the spread is big

The two upturned cards can easily give you a hint if you have a high chance of winning the game. If they have a gap of 7 or more, then chances are you’ll win double if you play the ‘Ride button’.

For example, the two cards dealt were 1 and 9. There is a huge gap between them that tells you that it is safe to bet on the ‘Ride’ button because the next card has a high probability to fall inside the spread.

Choose the ‘Stand’ button otherwise

Contrary to the previous tip, choosing the ‘Stand’ button is the safest card in this game. If you’re not confident enough that you’ll win the round, you can keep your losses to a minimum if you choose ‘Stand.’

The rules are simple: when the spread is big, click ‘Ride’ but when the gap is small, click ‘Stand’.

Increase or decrease the speed of card dealing animations

Increasing and decreasing the speed of cards can also increase your chances to win. This can affect the shuffling of cards and possibly give you cards with huge gaps in between.

Wager small amount of bets first

It’s better to be safe than sorry. While it’s thrilling to place a maximum bet on the first round, there’s no guarantee you’ll win it all back immediately. Plus, you can only double your winnings once you click the ‘Ride’ button and win the game round. That’s why, it’s better to acquire winnings slowly and steadily at the beginning.

Manage your bankroll & play responsibly

Aside from wagering a small number of bets first, you should also consider your bankroll. Know when to stop and when to play. This will allow you to limit your spending. Don’t play impulsively. Play responsibly and know when the odds are in your favour.

Red Dog card game: May the odds be ever in your favour

The Red Dog card game is still a game of luck. However, knowing some tips and tricks to win the game is always better than just carelessly playing the game. Use what you have learned here and enjoy playing the Red Dog card game on Bitcasino.

Words by: Kate Sanchez

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