Top 6 Places to Play Blackjack in Dublin

Top 6 Places to Play Blackjack in Dublin

Dublin is not LA, and you will probably not find a huge casino in the city where you can play whatever you want all day long. However, it has its own appeal.

Dublin is a small city full of little cosy bars, casinos and gambling sites that have Paypal as a deposit option. Here are the ones you can play blackjack in.

78 Club Casino

This casino is located not far from St. Patricks Cathedral, on Aungier Street. It provides you with 24/7 entertainment every day in a year. Whenever you happen to wander the Dublin centre, it’s right there for you to play at.

You have to remember to get an ID with you, but no formal dress code is required. The entrance is free, and you even get a 10 EUR worth of chips! There are three blackjack tables at 78 Club, with bets starting from 5 EUR, and you can treat yourself to a cocktail while you gamble.

Amusement City and Club Oasis

While formally this casino is a private members club, anyone can become a member. Just come over with your ID, and fill in the application, and you’re done. You’re a member now.

This casino is also situated in the city centre, right near the O’Connell Bridge. It’s a nice huge place in a historical building. You’ll recognise the place from the neon lights that naturally attract your eyes to it.

While there are over a hundred slot machines, there are only three blackjack tables. They start working at 5 pm, so take that in mind when you’re choosing a casino. There’s a bar nearby in case you want to celebrate.

Colossus Casino Club

This casino is one of those cosy ones that look more like pubs than the grand casinos of Vegas. It’s situated on a small winding street not far from Iveagh Garden.

Now this place is just about right for a blackjack lover. It has 6 blackjack tables and works around the clock. Be sure to take your ID with you, and dress smart for the occasion. They won’t let you in if you’re wearing a tracksuit.

D1 Casino Club

Most gamblers are more used to D6 that they are to D1, but this club wants to change the impression. It’s farther from the city centre than the ones above, on Lower Dorset Street, a five minutes’ walk from the Croke Park.

D1 Casino Club was founded in 1985, but it’s in a modern house, so the impression of it being an old establishment is lost.

However, it makes up in gambling what it lacks in looks. You can bet in EUR, USD or GBP, and the bets at their blackjack tables start at 2 EUR. This is twice as low as most casinos require you to bet.

Silks Casino Club

Another casino within a minute of the Iveagh Garden, Silks gives you a classy experience of gambling. It only works Tuesday to Saturday and opens up at 8 pm. You have to dress smart and get an ID to receive a member’s card upon entry.

The casino has three floors, and doesn’t only serve drinks but offers BBQ for the hungry gamblers. It’s located in a very neat, old building which makes you feel you’re not just a gambler, you’re an aristocrat.

The Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino

This casino named after the street it is situated at provides a luxury experience as well. It sits hidden in a street corner a couple of minutes away from Merrion Square. The building it’s in is two stories tall, with both the ground floor and the first floor being a great place to gamble.

There are three blackjack tables to gamble at, and you can get a refreshing drink while you do it.

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash