Top 5 Slot Symbols You Can Use as Tattoo Ideas

Top 5 Slot Symbols You Can Use as Tattoo Ideas

Not many things will stick with us for life. Friends, family members, loved ones, each relationship takes its own course and will leave a lasting impact on the person we may turn out to be years down the road.

Fortunately, some few things do stick for life. Apart from taxes, that is, you can immortalize your wild side with a cool tattoo that is surely set to outlast you. For those that are into slots and gambling in general – or those that are up for great ideas – some iconic symbols serve as the perfect inspiration for your next tattoo.

The author Victoria Oliveira lays some ink down on some of the memorable symbols that are often found at slots. If any of these turns out to be your next tattoo, Victoria takes no responsibility whatsoever.

#1 – Lucky Symbols

There’s much ground to cover when we mention slot symbols – a simple visit to any online casino will prove that – and imagination is by no means limited by the number of iconic ones at your disposal. Symbols such as four-leafed clovers are as traditional as timeless, with your body art being able to show a smooth detail or a gambling event of massive proportions.

Ancient symbols that are closely linked to chance always made great tattoo choices, with some of the most popular including shooting stars, Native-American dreamcatchers, or even the lucky wishbone. With such options at hand, giving a gambling tattoo a traditional meaning will be easier than the process of having it tattooed on your skin.

#2 – Famous Characters

Famous casinos online and their fun experiences can easily be found anywhere, but sometimes it’s the land-based ones that get our hearts racing in excitement. Portugal serves as an excellent example, after being the set to 007: Casino Royale. This association between the famous character and casino do Estoril are still present to this day in glamour and ambiance.

It may be harder to find a gambling tattoo meaning as much as James Lazenby’s memorable performance. His immortal impersonation of the mystery man will surely be the type of ink that will stand the test of time.

Other characters are often found in ink representations, from Cleopatra to Gonzo (from Gonzo’s Quest), it’s easy to find options for those looking to get a gambling tattoo, meaning all that’s left to do is get the artist to immortalize it. If for many, such a tattoo may carry little to no meaning, for others it’ll serve as a sign of belonging to a very special club of gambling enthusiasts.

#3 – The Dice

A pair of dice is the gambling tattoo that traditional fans of casino games can’t miss out on. It not only reflects that blind chance when these get thrown down the table but also serves a deeper, second meaning. The dice are often closely related to the chances that most of us get in life, as do their outcome.

For most, it’s an absolute classic that has been portrayed over and over again, from the likes of those hanging on the car’s rear view mirror to fluffy cute benches. Having it inked on your skin may just take that philosophy on luck a step further.

#4 – The Horseshoe

The horseshoe is yet another famous depiction of chance, and it figures as one of those slot machine tattoo designs that are instantly recognized anywhere in the world. Finding its origins in the earliest chance games, the throw of the horseshoe made the joys – and dismay – of many in the past.

There is an open debate regarding the positioning of the actual horseshoe. Popular wisdom indicates that having it facing upwards in a “U” invites good luck into your home and keeps evil away. Turn it the other way around, and you’ll be pushing luck away.

That said, and just in case, it’s better to ensure you get it tattooed the right way around!

#5 – The Cherry

Definitely one of the most widely famous slot symbols of all time, the pair of hanging cherries have figured in these loud and irresistible machines since the early days. Decades later, they still represent a strong association to the sweet joys of gambling, and are, therefore, worthy of finding themselves tattooed on anyone’s skin.

This cherry is one of the few slot machine tattoo designs that even those that don’t gamble will associate with the game. The question is: should you get two (classic) or three (big wins)? Maybe the second option is not a bad idea.