Top 5 Non-Poker Card Games for Gambling


James Collins is a huge fan of the board, card, and casino games. He also believes that modern design often draws on the principles of these older games, and loves to explore those topics while blogging.  In his spare time, James enjoys watching esports events, playing snooker and poker with his friends. 


Top 5 Non-Poker Card Games for Gambling

It’s pretty amazing just how much fun you can have with a single deck of cards. There are so many different card games that you can play that serve as amazing mental gymnastics and are great entertainment at the same time. Knowing rules for different games can inspire you to think about them, come up with your own ideas, and even become a better developer. The reality is that modern designers always need inspiration on how to make the game engaging, and both card and board games can help out immensely. However, if you wish to increase the player engagement you can always set the stakes of the game a bit higher. 


One reason why casino games are so popular is that they are easy to understand and have some stakes involved. So, if you are looking to make some of the older card games more interesting just introduce a betting to the mix. Here are some of the non-Poker card games that you can also play as a gambling game. 


Rummy is really addictive card game once you figure out the rules. You can play it safe, bluff, or wait for a perfect moment for cards to align and score tons of points. The game was really popular in Bridge Clubs during the early 20th century. The rules are pretty simple, you need to empty your hand by combining cards, and you need to have at least one card to discard at the end of your turn. The losing player adds up all the cards remaining in his end and the winner is scored using negative points. You can play until a player reaches a certain number of points either positive or negative, or simply compare scores after a certain number of played games.  


Blackjack is a popular game that is available in pretty much any casino, and it’s designed for gambling. Since this is the case you can easily play blackjack even if other players are not present considering how you can play solo against the dealer. It’s really convenient nowadays given how you can play on Casinosters platform or any other online casino for that matter. The rules are pretty easy to learn so, you can also play with a group of friends, so long as one of you decides to be a dealer. 


We all know about the popular card game called Uno, but it is actually a replica of called Macau. In other words, you can play Uno using a regular deck of cards, so long as you look up the rules and find out what each of the cards does in the game. Uno even inspired another game called #CultureTags, which also aims to test players on how familiar they are with some of the modern hashtags. On their own both Macau and Uno have lots of situation reversals and are unpredictable until the very end. If you up the stakes it’s definitely going to be an adrenaline-rushing experience. 


Tablanette has easy-to-understand rules, and it’s a great game that relies on simple math. The goal is to collect as many cards as possible in order to score points. You can place bets once the cads have been dealt, and to make things more interesting whoever puts down a lower amount of money has to go second. 


Finally, there is another easy-to-learn card game called war. You can play with a single deck, just make sure each player has a pair of each card, or simply use two decks. It is a lengthy game for two players, where you reveal the top card of the deck, and whoever has a higher number wins and takes the card that belongs to the opponent. If you both reveal the same number then you go to war and put the top three cards face down and reveal the fourth one. Whoever has a higher number takes all of the cards, and if the fourth one is also the same then go to war again. 


These were some of the popular or at least easy to learn card games that you can play with your friends, and use the same stakes as you would in Poker. Obviously, Poker takes more thinking and getting inside the head of your opponent so it can be tense. The games listed here are more light-hearted, so it’s entirely possible you will find them more entertaining than Poker. 

Image source: pixabay