Top 3 Roulette Strategies to try

Top 3 Roulette Strategies to try

It’s official – online roulette is more popular than ever before and it’s no surprise. Packed with fun, thrills and the potential to win serious cash, online roulette is a fantastic form of entertainment. If you think you might enjoy trying this out, some of the web’s top roulette sites can be found here.

Whilst online roulette’s recent success may be new, roulette strategies certainly are not. For generations, smart gamers have been employing totally legal strategies in order to boost their chances of winning at the roulette table. Whether you choose the Martingale roulette strategy or the Double Up or even the D’Alembert, players of all types can try out these tried and tested methods.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 3 roulette strategies to try. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first strategy in our rundown of the best.

Top 3 roulette strategies to try

Undoubtedly the original roulette strategy, the Martingale is one of the most well known of all special gaming techniques. The Martingale functions by doubling your wager every time you do not win. It really is that simple, with the concept being that in the end, you will win back any lost funds and hopefully much more, too. Naturally, casinos know all about the Martingale and so put a limit on how much you can bet per spin!

The Double Up online roulette strategy is similar to the Martingale yet is essentially that method in reverse. That’s right, with the Double Up, players are told to double their wager with every win. Sound crazy? Maybe not, this strategy seeks to maximise make the most of good form whilst during losses, you are advised to half your stake in a more conservative strategy.

Third, the D’Alembert strategy in roulette says that when you lose, bet more on the next spin. Yes, you need some serious nerves of steel to win with the D’Alembert strategy! This method looks to the idea that your chances of winning or losing in roulette change with every spin in direct correlation with your previous spin

Stay Safe

As ever, only gamble what you can afford to when playing with a roulette strategy. Although undoubtedly guaranteed to boost your chances of winning if employed correctly, these strategies are by no means a foolproof hack to win every time and so you can expect to lose out in the long run no matter what.

In a game as random as roulette, you can never predict with too much certainty the outcome, so play responsibly and know when to walk away! This way you will be sure to have plenty of fun.

Roulette strategy odds

Of course, if you look to use any of these roulette strategies, you should know that this is a game that has a house edge. This means that, no matter what, the casino will always be more likely to win in the long term. As a result, the best way to win with these strategies is to get in and out! This way, you can get a short term win under your belt and then focus on enjoying your online casino games, which is what we all love in the end!

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