Three classic board games everyone should know about 

Three classic board games everyone should know about 

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Board games have existed for decades, even centuries, and for many years board games have entertained families throughout the world. Board games have the sensational way of pulling everyone together with the help from competitiveness and love for one another. Imagine a sunday afternoon with family, drinking tea and hot chocolate while playing games together – it is a thrill. If you are looking for a different kind of thrill, you can consider using Paddy Power welcome offer and experiencing the thrill of online casino.

If you need inspiration for your next board game, continue reading to read about three classic board games, that will make every game day sensational.

Risk – strategy game 

At some point everyone has dreamed about being the ruler of the world. Risk gives you that feeling, especially if you win. Risk is a strategy game, where everyone gets to lead an army and fight the other players to rule the world. The game has 42 states and the objective is to capture them all and destroy your enemies. In doing so, you are the winner of Risk and the conqueror of the world. 

The game is fairly easy to play and can be enjoyed by everyone. One might consider, if there are kids involved, to let them be a certain age. It is a fairly easy game to understand but it takes a bit of strategy and understanding to win and compete. 

Scrabble – Word game

This is a game mostly for adults. Scrabble is a beloved word game, where you take turns to form words from letter assigned to you by the game. The objective is to score more points than your opponents. The way you do that is to form the best words and use the board to your advantage. It is a game where you have to think about creating great words but also deny your opponent the chance to create them. It is tough but extremely entertaining. 

Battleship – a game for everyone

If you are looking for a game everyone can play, battleship is the way to go. Battleship is simple. 2 players face-off on the board with each having their own fleet. Taking turns the two players take turns hitting the board with bombs and other artillery until one is left standing up. The winner is the one who hits all of the enemy’s ships without being killed in the process.