Three Blackjack games that will revitalise your love for the classic

Three Blackjack games that will revitalise your love for the classic

Blackjack is a classic card game which has always been globally popular – long before the rise of online casinos. Immersed in folklore and popular culture through legendary figures of the game such as the MIT Blackjack team, not only is Blackjack timeless, but its versatility has allowed it to develop with modern times. The digital age has only strengthened the fanbase of Blackjack making it more accessible than ever before. If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional, these three games available on online platforms such as Paddy Power Casino are sure to get you aiming to beat the dealer and make a tidy extra profit.

Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack is played in much the same vein as classic Blackjack, but for an exciting side bet which livens things up and gives players more opportunities to win. Following the premise of Blackjack, the usual betting options are available, including splitting hands – but the excitement increases with the more hands you play at any given time.

The Buster side bet is where the game gets better. The money that can be won is dependent on how many cards the dealer holds when he goes bust. The odds start at 2:1 for the dealer holding three or four cards, right up to 250:1 for eight or more. What’s more, if the dealer goes bust and the player scores a natural Blackjack, dependent on the number of cards the dealer holds there could be a healthy pay-back at odds of up to 2,000:1 waiting to be won.

Cashback Blackjack

If you’re looking for more bonus options, Cashback Blackjack is the game for you – even if it’s a bit of a tongue twister to say! Again, the game follows the rules of classic Blackjack and the pay-outs are the same (1:1 if you’re closest to 21, 3:2 if you receive a natural Blackjack). But there are two bonus bets you can also make to spice things up.

The first is a bonus bet known as 21+3, which means if your first three cards can make a ranked hand, your luck is in. Whether it’s a flush, straight or three-of-a-kind, you could earn up to 100:1 on your stake. You can also make a pair bet, and if your first two cards make a pair (whether it’s a colour pair, matching pair or perfect pair), you’ll win up to 25:1.

The cashback option is where things get interesting and if you believe the cards aren’t in your favour, you can cash out early without losing everything that’s on the table. It could be that you peak too soon or make a wise decision, but this strategical element is sure to bring some additional fun.

Lucky Lucky

Are you feeling lucky? This variation of Blackjack could see you win up to 200 times your stake, all by placing a successful bonus bet. Like the other two games we have mentioned, this particular version follows all the rules and gameplay of classic Blackjack, but the bonus bet is where big money can be won.

Based on the first three cards dealt (your two cards and the dealer’s up-card), you could receive an additional bonus. Any total of 19 or 20 pays back 2:1, while you’re looking for those lucky number 7s. An unsuited trio could land you a payback of 50:1, while a suited trio of 7s will pay-out at 200:1.