The zen of playing solitaire

The zen of playing solitaire

For hundreds of years, people have been playing Solitaire. You’d assume folks were just killing time, yet playing solitaire offers several mental advantages. Whether you play Classic Solitaire or Free Cell Solitaire; all games provide the same mental perks.

So let’s have a look at what those perks are.

Solitaire can help you relax

When you experience anxiety, your mind is on high alert. Your mind continues to race, and it appears hard to stop it. Many individuals suffer from anxiety these days, and they’ve devised a variety of coping mechanisms. Meditation is one of the most common approaches. Meditation allows you to relax your mind by adopting basic breathing techniques. Through these breathing exercises, your mind concentrates on the breath coming and passing, blocking out any other noise.

Some folks had the same feeling while playing solitaire. Solitaire is difficult enough to keep your mind engaged but not so difficult that it becomes tedious to play. Helen, who suffers from anxiety, believes solitaire offers “just the right level of absorbing to let me reset”

Recharge your brain’s batteries

When some people want to unwind, they turn on the TV or watch a rerun of their favorite program on Netflix, but playing Solitaire may have the same calming effect. When you’re watching a program, your mind is lightly engaged, and you’re not thinking about all of life’s problems. The same is true when playing solitaire. While playing the game, your mind is occupied to the point where you won’t think about anything else, but it isn’t aroused to the point where you’ll feel fatigued when you’re done.

Avoid boredom

If you find yourself in a position where you’re bored, you’ve undoubtedly found that you’ll become upset at some time as well. It turns out that people dislike being bored. Boredom is less of an issue these days than it used to be. Napoleon is one of the most renowned persons who avoided boredom by playing solitaire. In 1814, he was exiled to St. Helena, a little island in the middle of the Atlantic. Rumor has it that he spent most of his day playing solitaire since he had nothing else to do.

Playing solitaire can help you relax

People might find solitaire to be meditative. It relaxes the mind by focussing it on one item. When you’re in this stage of light meditation, you naturally relax more, and tension in your body is removed. This is not only relaxing, but it also helps you sleep better, which allows you to make better judgments in your everyday life.

Maintain your mental sharpness

Seniors who want to keep their wits active have traditionally relied on crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and solitaire. People may not have realized it while playing, yet those games are classified as brain training activities (BTG). Solitaire games help you build your strategic muscles and improve your general cerebral performance.

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