The Top 10 Myths about Slot Machine Demystified

The Top 10 Myths about Slot Machine Demystified

The Truth about Slot Machine Myths

Slot machines are a very popular source of gambling entertainment for the people, both in land-based and online casinos. It is a trendy gaming category as it does not require any skill to set the reels rolling. Slots are based on luck, and the outcomes or results after every spin is through the Number Generator principle. This gambling category is always embroiled with myths. People have tried many times to outsmart the machines by coming out with various myths and beliefs to win big prizes. Many of them are fake. There is an overload of thoughts and misinformation surrounding the slot machines. Now the fans have started to focus on other gambling categories like roulette or bingo for some entertainment. Play here free American roulette links are sought after by many avid punters fed up with the myth-associated slot machines. 

Myths and Truths   

1. Slots Come with Hot and Cold Streaks

The online and land-based machines can be on a hot run and offer payouts continuously for a while. Similarly, they can also turn into cold streak machines and not offer any payout at all. But, there are no permanent hot or cold machines. No one programs them like that as well. The result of every slot spin is random, and the streaks seen sometimes are due to temporary deviation.

2. The Recently Paid Jackpot Slot does Not Offer another Jackpot Soon

This might seem right to most of the slot fans. No one can expect to see another jackpot win show up within a few spins of a huge jackpot release. This is a possibility and cannot be ruled out. The Random Number Generator (RNG) is a complex mathematical formula based on which the slot picks out the symbols to land on the paylines. The chances of hitting the jackpot are not connected with the previous few spins. Every spin outcome occurs at random. 

3. Casinos Fix Online Slots to Ensure House Wins 

The online slots do come with a house edge, but they are not fixed. The odds are in favour of the casino due to the house edge. But, the gambling websites do not fix any of the slots. They make money even without this fixing. 

4. Autoplay Offers Less Pays than Manual Spins

This is a baseless myth, and the payout of a spin is not influenced by how you let the reels roll. The RNGs do not have eyes to find out whether the reels were spun manually or through auto spins.  

5. High Rollers can Only Win Progressive Jackpots Online

A few slots come with the option to trigger the progressive jackpot round only when you play with the higher or maximum allowed stakes. But, anyone can win a jackpot, as the casino does not have any control over who can claim the jackpot prize. The jackpot win depends on how lucky you are on the given day. 

6. Playing with Bonus Offers doesn’t Provide Good Results 

This myth does not hold good at all. Just like how the RNGs do not know how you spin the reels, it is also not in a position to tell you are playing with your fund or using the casino bonus. 

7. Altering the Spin Outcome Possible Using the Stop Button 

Most online slows come with the Stop button. Press this option to stop the rolling of the reels before its scheduled stop. You cannot change the outcome of spin just by pressing the stop button at a certain point. The results of the spin are set as soon as you roll the reels. 

8. Machines that have Not Paid for a While is Due

Never try out a slot machine with the notion that it will instantly shell out payouts because it has not done so for quite a while. The machines only pay at random, and no one can predict when or at what spin it can trigger a payout. 

9. Max Button Improves the Winning Chances 

Most online slots come with a max button that automatically chooses maximum bets per spin. Using max bet to stake, would result in quick exhaustion of bankroll every time. Use your bankroll wisely and increase the number of spins to see wins rather than always placing max stakes.  

10. The Gambling Site can manipulate Payout Rate

The developer sets the payout percentage and the RNG chip used in the slot machine. The casino cannot manipulate the outcome or reduce the payout rate so that it gets more money. A machine only gives out random results, and the payout percentage stays the same always.