The Idiots Guide to the Professional Dealer Galaxy

The Idiots Guide to the Professional Dealer Galaxy

Sick of the 9 – 5 rat race and wanting to get some extra bang for buck in this game of life? If a passion for
the cards is right up your alley, ditch the dreary and jump into the exciting life of professional Blackjack
dealing. It’s social, forever changing and can earn you some great coin in the process. But just what are
the skills needed to be a pro and maybe secure that next extra slot on Casino Royale?

Firstly, you need to know how to play and if it’s a passion of yours, you’re probably one step ahead. But if
you’re a little green around the gills, a good place to start would be checking out some of the top
Blackjack casinos online, through reputable sites like Learn the basics then practice,
practice, practice and you’ll be a card shark in no time. Then it’s time to fine tune your skills towards that
of a dealer rather than player to really sink your teeth into it.

Key Skills of a Pro Dealer

Like cards and chips, players and dealers fit together seamlessly and you can’t have one without the other.
There are a few key practices to being a great dealer though, and we’ve narrowed them down for you.

Act and Look Professional

People won’t be willing to part with their money to any old slob out there. Look the part and act like your
job is important. If punters don’t stay at your table for long, no tips for you and soon they’ll be no job for
you either.

Be Patient

Let’s face it, in any customer service job you’re going to get someone who blames their shortfalls on you.
It comes with the territory and how you manage that will set you apart. Be calm, don’t take it personally
and continue with your job. When it turns around for them, they’ll have forgotten all the bad names they
called you and will be your best friend again, guaranteed.

Stay Focussed

Splitting pots and calculating bets isn’t always easy so stay in the game. Remaining focussed on the job at
hand is essential to keeping up with the play.

Sorting the Winners from the Wannabes

Now you’ve you got the main ingredients sorted, let’s add some spice and really get those flavours going.
To be make it big out there, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd, and with dealing, that means being
fast and accurate with just a little drop of charisma.

Practice will always make perfect and honing your skills is going to make you appear more professional
but also allow you to enjoy what you’re doing so much more. It’s like muscle memory in the end and
you’ll be amazed at just how fast those cards will fly from the shoe in no time. But it only takes one
mistake to lose the confidence of the players at your table, so start slow. Remain focussed on getting
things right and have faith that your speed will come, because it will.
The icing on the top is your charisma and it’s possibly the hardest skill to learn. Every player is different, so you’ll have to blend into their way of acting without losing your main advantage; being yourself. Some
players hate idle chit-chat, some love the banter, but they can all smell a phony so keep it real and stay
true to who you are. Just make sure you have fun with it, or you may as well be back on the daily grind of
the rat race!

But What’s in it for Me?

Having all the skills of a pro dealer and being at the top of your game is going to open a plethora of doors
for anyone looking to make the most of their job. There are casinos on every corner of the globe and
they’re all constantly on the look out for the best dealers to get more bums on seats.
It’s a great way to fund your travels

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash