The Evolution of Cards and Why Games Are Better than Ever

The Evolution of Cards and Why Games Are Better than Ever

The online gaming revolution literally changed the game. When online poker and casino sites emerged in the late nineties and early noughties, a whole new wave of people discovered the joys of cards. From poker and blackjack to baccarat and Caribbean stud, the internet exposed players to a wealth of different games. This had the effect of raising standards across the board. Indeed, if you sit down at a poker table today, the average player will be more knowledgeable and skillful than the average player 30 years ago.

The Internet Deals in More Players

That’s one benefit of increasing people’s access to games. When more people play, they’re able to share ideas and experiences. Through a combination of forums, social media, and dedicated training sites, novices have become skilled poker players thanks to the internet. This is true for almost any game you can think of. The internet provides an easy way to communicate with and, subsequently, learn from others. Then, when people can put this information into practice, participation levels increase.

From this, we can say that online gaming has not only given more people the ability to play cards but allowed them to become enthusiastic and skilled. Those are all positives. However, what many people can’t overlook in the online vs. live debate is human interaction. There seems to be the view that because programmers can’t capture the feeling of a deck, you can’t get the same level of immersion. However, the look in an opponent’s eyes, and the buzz you get from playing live are very much alive and well in the online gambling sphere. Cue live casino games.

There’s Something in the Air when You Play Live

There’s a certain level of tension and anticipation in live games. You get to see subtle movements and shifts in the dealer’s body language, for example. This is what makes live games so engaging. We’re constantly processing micro-movements and other tells from the environment around us. Put simply, live card games offer a complete sensory experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean online poker is completely different from live poker. The fundamentals of pot odds, expected value, hand rankings, and ranges still apply. So too do the basic rules. However, the overall experience is different, and each setting requires different skills.

The one exception to this rule is live dealer casino games. Inside a bingo live casino hub, you’ll find card games where the lines have been blurred. Instead of staring at avatars and digital cards controlled by random number generators, players can watch real people dealing real cards. For example, the Buzz live lobby has a dedicated blackjack hub. Here, players can play all manner of variants, such as Speed Blackjack, Lounge Blackjack, and Quantum Blackjack, but the key feature of these games is that the setting is real and in front of you in real time. 

You Can Play in Your Way

What live casino games do is offer the best of both worlds. They’re as accessible as digital games and they contain certain elements of human interaction via a live dealer and real-time interaction. 

This innovation has led live casino gaming to be a great middle-ground between the physical and online gambling spheres. For people that love cards, this means there are more ways to play than ever before. That’s great because we now have the option to use a medium that suits our preferences. In reality, it’s not about which one is better because we can take something from each medium. We can enjoy the speed and accessibility of digital card games, the human element of live games, and the unique experience live online games offer. Basically, if you’re a fan of cards, it’s a great time to be alive.

Image source: Pixabay