The Best Poker Matches of All Times

The Best Poker Matches of All Times

Whether it’s a full house or a royal flush, the milestone of giving the most unforgettable poker matches is a history of legends in the gambling industry.

Today, the world already has more than a hundred million poker gamers that are continuously making a difference in the world of poker hall of fame. And because of this number of poker enthusiasts, they attend huge tournaments that happen around the world, and winners get paid with huge amounts, sometimes in the millions.

Winning strategies in poker will create your name in this industry, and that could be one of the life-changing experiences that anyone could ever have. So, let’s get to know about the best poker matches ever. The anecdotes to remember. The games have been etched in the pages of history.

The Longest Poker Game Ever, Played in Bird Cage Theatre Arizona

Can you last an hour or two when playing a certain game? If there’s an event that’s mind-blowing, it’s the 8-year poker game that happened in the Bird Cage Theatre, Arizona. And to be exact, it reached up to 5 months and three days of that 8 years.

This longest game was played by pros and famous poker players—and they are Diamond Jim Brady, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, and Doc Holiday from 1881 to 1889. The bet that kicked off the 8-year-old match was $1,000.

Joe Cada Becomes the Youngest Winner of the Main Event of WSOP

Professional poker is open for everybody, but you must make sure that players are above 18 years old. Among those young aspirants who want to build their name in poker, Joe Cada was the lucky youngster.

Cada went against Darvin Moon in the main event of WSOP in 2009, challenging the $8,547,042 to obtain the WSOP bracelet. But, before their battle, Cada surpassed seven poker players before he had to win over Moon. The heat started during the middle pre-flop between Cada and Antoine Saout, garnering the 3rd prize of $3,479,670.

In poker games, the audience can also bet who the winner will be or must be the favorite at the game table, giving them a piece of the excitement. The apple of the eye ended up with $1,404,014 earnings at 7th place. Right after 18 hours from the Cada-Saout game, Cada was ahead by 74,000,000 chips with Moon. And as the main event’s lucky man, he got the title from Peter Eastgate, of 2008 youngest poker winner.

Jamie Gold Wins the Largest WSOP Main Event With His Psychological Hacks

Anyone can pull of the best poker matches, especially on events featuring the World Series of Poker. Of the millions of poker players around the world, a large WSOP main event was attended by more than eight thousand players, and a skilled mind-reader just astounded the crowd in 2006. 

Jamie Gold, using his sharp thinking and psychological hacks, won the game despite not having enough experience and having average mathematical abilities.

His strategies could be called troublesome, but the way he read his opponents was remarkable. He could bluff most of the time—and do it so convincingly that most of his opponents decided to surrender. Pair that with the way he used his hand to the fullest, and the world witnessed a thrilling display of poker.

At some point during the game, his opponents might even have overlooked his gameplay, especially his encounter with Erik Friberg. Gold was being talkative and was able to successfully lure out Friberg, putting him just where he needed him to finish him off. This strategy worked well for him for all the opponents he faced.

The Allure of The World Poker Tour

Poker is one of the factors that accentuate the business side of the gambling industry. Even digitally, it is popular among the world’s leading game platforms like Ice Casino. When it comes to on-premises, the WPT or World Poker Tour began a dynamic trend and caught the attention of people because it was the first poker event that went live on television that first started in 2002. Now, it has its own website wherein everyone can watch live shows or just play games. If you need a piece of the action yourself, however, you can just go to Ice Casino and start a game!

WPT on television mostly features famous in-house players facing off against each other with prizes that are worth more than a million. The buy-in ranges from $3,500 to $25,000, and whoever wins gains membership to the champions club of WPT. If the WSOP has a prize token of a bracelet, WPT also awards a trophy with the engraved names of the winner.

Big Heart With One Drop!

With One Drop, you simply put a buy-in of one million dollars, and it’s recognized as the highest of all previous poker tournaments pleading the said amount. With operations since 2012, One Drop has manifested a good side of casino gambling because of several projects intended for the community.

Sometimes, not all games are about the total number of winnings one can bring home. The best poker matches of all time are those that thrill the audience with an impressive show of game and give them a taste of the action.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash