The best card games in the online casino

The best card games in the online casino

For the card game enthusiast, the increasing popularity of online casinos has been a godsend. Especially now during the current pandemic times, when all our usual favourite places to play cards have closed up, online casinos offer a safe and secure place to partake in our favourite pastime activities. Online casinos are safe, fun, exciting, easily accessible and very beginner friendly. In addition, new players can opt for a welcome offer and receive even more initial funds to play with. This lets new players check out all the card games the casino has to offer, without even using up their deposited money. Regardless if you want to play by yourself against the computer; with a real dealer; against other players; or even in a real casino via live streaming; online casinos have what you look for. Let’s have a look at some of the card games you can play in the online casino! For more information about casinos and bonuses in Sweden, visit

Blackjack – The king of casino card games

Blackjack might be the most popular card game in the entire world, and of course the same goes for the online casino. Many sites offer as much as 20-50+ different tables, and these can vary immensely. You can enjoy everything from free bet Blackjack and low stake tables to crazy tournaments and VIP tables. In addition, some game developers have added progressive jackpots, exciting side bets and bonus features to their games. While it is possible to play the game by yourself against a computerized dealer, most people prefer the live casino. Here, you play against a real dealer in real time, and you can chat with both other players and the dealers as you go. Find out more about live casino at

If you are an experienced Blackjack player, you probably know all too well that there is a limited number of seats at the table. This goes for the online casino Blackjack as well. But luckily, there is more than one way around it. Some players sit down at another table while they are in line for the one they want. But you can also play games such as Infinite Blackjack to avoid the issue. Infinite Blackjack is a game from the developer Evolution, in which real cards are combined with randomly generated digital ones. This lets an infinite number of players partake at the same time.

Baccarat – The unsung hero of card gambling

Let’s be honest here: Baccarat deserves a lot more attention than it usually gets. This card game with French/Italian roots sort of let players ignore an important part of casino gambling; the house edge. In Baccarat, you bet on either the player (punto) or the bank (banco) to win, which is why the game is commonly referred to Punto Banco. There are also several side bets and the possibility to bet on a draw. Baccarat is fast paced and has somewhat complicated rules, but luckily the dealer is the only one who needs to keep track of all of these.

In addition to the different versions of Baccarat, many online casinos also offer the unique game Dragon Tiger. This 2-card version of the Baccarat is very popular in Asia, and constantly growing in popularity throughout the world. Bet on the dragon or the tiger, play exciting side bets and experience the fast paced Dragon Tiger.
Poker – A great range of exciting games available everywhere
Casinos offer a great range of unique poker variants as well. Most of these games are played against the dealer, instead of other players. Poker players and card enthusiasts alike will quickly learn the ropes and get into the games. And being casino favourites, of course big wins are always a possibility. Casino Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em and other versions of Texas Hold’em are the most popular, but you can also play games such as three card poker.

You can also try out video poker in the online casino. This game combines the rules of poker with the mechanics of a slot machine in a game that is fast paced and surprisingly fun. Keep in mind that while you can enjoy games such as video poker, Pai Gow, Carribean Stud and Let It Ride in the casino, the hardcore Poker tables and tournaments are being held separately in Poker rooms or pokersites.

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