The American Bridge Association: Mark Your Calendars for the Welcome Back Tournament This November!

The American Bridge Association: Mark Your Calendars for the Welcome Back Tournament This November!

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links

American Bridge Association

The world has prepared for a return to face-to-face bridge games, and the time is now to check out what the world of tournament bridge has to offer. Bridge tournaments are back in a big way.

The American Bridge Association (ABA) has just announced their Welcome Back Tournament for returning players.

Are you a member of the American Bridge Association yet?

Are you seeking a national bridge tournament for a return to serious bridge?

Here’s what bridgeurs should know about the upcoming Nov/Dec 2021 tournament – and why it’s a good idea to be there.


The American Bridge Association (ABA) is a separate national bridge organisation from the ACBL. While they still use a ranking system called Masterpoints, the points are unique to members of the Association.

Their history is rich, being formed in 1932 to accommodate the needs of black tennis players – and at the same time, enthusiasts of bridge.

The ABA holds a position of national importance today. Their website is a rich resource of lessons, information about bridge, and more details about their history. Even if you aren’t a member, it’s worth visiting.

Photo Source: ABA Facebook


Click on individual tournaments listed in their Tournament Trail to see essential details and booking information for each event. The link below hosts everything you need to know about the ABA’s upcoming Welcome Back national tournament.

Remember to keep an eye on the page. If there are any venue or date changes for ABA tournaments, updated information is posted here first.

  • Tuesday, November 30, 2021 to December 4, 2021

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