Signs of a Rogue Online Casino

Signs of a Rogue Online Casino

Unfortunately, there are many rogue casinos out there ruining it for the good companies who are all about fairness and providing entertainment. Fortunately, there are plenty of online casinos that are above board. Some more reputable companies are filled with familiar logos and classic games such as the online slots on Betfair, but it isn’t always that easy to spot. One of the best ways to avoid stumbling across a rogue casino online is to look for reputable brands. However, if you’re searching the market for something new, here are some bits of information you can equip yourself with so that you don’t end up getting short-changed.

Potentially Obvious Hints

With all the awareness surrounding the dangers of online use, some of these signs might be familiar to you. As the saying goes, ‘if it seems too good to be true then it probably is’. When stumbling upon an online casino you might see deals that are unheard of, one of the most common is the ‘free cash’ reward for new members. When reading this it might seem a little obvious but not so much if you were to stumble upon it. Quite often these ‘free cash’ offers require you to deposit over £100 – fine you say, it still means free cash – but in the fine print, the casinos might confiscate all of your winnings or stop you from cashing out.

On the other hand, an incredibly large wagering amount after an initial deposit might put up a red flag, but remember, so can a small one. Casinos need to make a profit in order to stay in business so by having extremely low wagering amounts they already don’t seem legit. To put it into context, imagine depositing £100 to claim a free £100 and then being able to bet only £1 before cashing out? There’s something not right there and you can almost guarantee you won’t be able to cash out.

Game Software

The majority of games you will find on a casino website are created by another software gaming company. Each of these games has a licensing number that is directly connected to the game you see on your online casino. On any online casino, you should be able to locate the licensing number and directly trace it to the parent company. Red flags should start to fly if firstly, you cannot locate the licensing number or secondly, the licensing number doesn’t relate to the game you see. One of the best ways to make sure that a game is legit on a site is to directly ask the parent gaming company. They will be able to tell you who owns a license to that game, plus it helps in reporting and preventing any online theft in future.

Another way in which online game software can be a hint is the RTP (return to player) rate. Online casinos can make a profit but must legally be seen as giving everyone a fair chance – it is because of this that every game must have respectable RTP. If you notice that a game’s RTP is abnormally low, the chances are that you’re looking at a rogue online casino trying to grab as much money as they can.

You Cannot Contact Them

At this point it might be too little, too late. You might be trying to withdraw the winnings from your account but experiencing some issues doing so, or you’re attempting to contact customer services to notify them about a fault in a game. These can be two hints or, unfortunately for some, sudden realisations, that the online casino is not legit.

It is better to prevent being in this situation rather than risking it, which is why we advise that if you’re not sure, you’re better off going somewhere else. We understand that mixing it up is sometimes necessary, but there are plenty of reputable online casinos, each with tons of games for you to flick between. Be safe, not sorry.