Sic Bo Game: General Principles & Strategies For Beginners

Sic Bo Game: Sic Bo Rules and Best Strategy Tips

Pride of the ancient tradition of gambling in the Far East, Sic Bo is a dice game, so it is considered to be a challenging and entertaining alternative for craps fans. This game crossed the Asian continental borders and became a hit even in the USA and Europe.

Sic Bo is a quick game. It uses a table especially designed for this game and 3 six-sided dice. Using the table, the player puts his bets before the dice are rolled. It is obtainable in live casinos and in the traditional form to add fun and variety to the number of existing games.

More details about the rules of performing this game, and what strategies exist, we will talk about in the article.

Basic rules of Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, the purpose of the play is to guess the digits that arise on the faces of the cubes. The most common bets are “Two of a kind” and “Three of a kind”: the wagerers must guess the numbers displayed on two or three dice during each game.

The wagerer can also try his luck by placing Big and Small bets, which direct to the entire number of dice; Big bets are considered a win when the total is between 11 and 17, and Small bets are a win when the total is between 4 and 10. Also, it is possible for you to wager on precise combinations or numerals.

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General principles of the game

To place a bet, you place your counters in the appropriate section of the table. Identical to a game chip, when you place a stake, you determine what you’re wagering on by placing it on a certain part of the table. Depending on where the chips are, you will bet on a specific outcome. After the dealer releases them, you will be rewarded if you made the right stake.

You will then see the dealer pick up a small chest containing dice. Assuming you bet in time, you’ll see a roller coaster once you see the dealer roll the dice. At this point, it’s time to take action.

They will then close the chest by shaking it. After placing the dice, the dealer will start shaking the container violently. This process continues for a few minutes until enough time has passed. When enough time has passed, the dealer opens the box to reveal the dice. After shaking the dice long enough, everyone at the table will get a chance to see them.

Don’t ignore placing your stake at the right time. Of course, their speed may also work against you in the case when you bid slowly. In such circumstances, you can not set your counters on the table fast enough for them to qualify for that round. Also, be certain that any wagers placed are within the table’s minimum and maximum limits.

Sic Bo strategy for beginners

Beginners should understand that Sic Bo is purely about luck, it refers to any game of odds and bets. Thus, no proven technique can raise your opportunities of winning by reducing the edge. But luckily, nothing is out of reach in the world of online gambling. We would like to show you a few tips to regard:

  1. Successful Sic Bo players are patient

It is advisable to approach the play carefully, wagering on higher odds with minimum bets and lower odds with big bets. This defensive approach allows you to augment the life of your bankroll while increasing your likelihood of winning a decent quantity. But remember that the house edge is likely to increase as the odds increase.

  1. Bets on combined bets

This is one more Sic Bo strategy to follow. In this case, you expect two exact numerals to appear. These rates have a margin of 2.75%, which can be quite little on paper. But if you factor in the hourly losses, this can be a tiny window that you have to win more often. So use these rates more frequently.

  1. Don’t be overly ambitious

Moreover, it is generally not a great idea to wager on too many positions. Most live casinos often let bettors place a stake on a maximum of 16 positions per roll. But while you’re likely to win a few bets, you’ll lose even more.


Sic Bo is an interesting and exciting game that has its loyal fans. At first glance, the rules seem difficult to understand, but if desired, they can be easily comprehended. In terms of strategy, there is no universal technique that will definitely help you win, but there are still tips that will promote your winning. If you want to play Sic Bo, go to the Parimatch website and do it. 

Photo by Riho Kroll on Unsplash