Selection of Roulette Games from Fruity King

Selection of Roulette Games from Fruity King

If you didn’t know it, roulette is not limited to one variant. In fact, there are several variants, with European roulette most likely being the most popular of them all. With that being said, Fruity King delivers a spectacular range of roulette games and if you are ever looking for a bunch of them rounded up in one place, this is the ultimate roulette haven.Read everything you need to know about the selection of roulette games from Fruity King here.

Mobile Roulette

One of the best selections of roulette is mobile roulette. It is a version of roulette that is instantly accessible and can be taken anywhere a player is. These roulette games are powered by HTML5 technology and deliver fantastic graphics, interactive gaming displays, adjustable gaming options and more. Mobile players are able to wager and have a great time simultaneously.

Live Roulette

Another selection offered at Fruity King is live dealer roulette. This variation offers both mobile and desktop users the option to deal directly with a casino dealer for a more personalized gaming experience. Most well known online casinos offer this selection of roulette games in live dealer mode to deliver a unique gaming experience exclusive to their brand.

European Roulette

The most common game is European roulette as the odds are in favour of the player rather than the house. This is due to the lack of slots found in American or French roulette.

3D European Roulette

You read it right! 3D casino gaming is very popular amongst online gamers and its popularity has reached Fruity King. Play this selection to experience the 3-dimensional world of gaming.

American Roulette

This variation of roulette gaming is said to be more complex than the European roulette. It has additional sockets within the game which favours the house. The house edge is what the casino retains as payment for their ‘services’. This is not uncommon and usually the percentage varies slightly from one casino to the next.

Auto Roulette La Partage

Designed and developed by Evolution Gaming, this selection is entirely exclusive to the brand. It has been set up to look like a board game or a table top game from the casino and is highly interactive.

VIP Roulette

As the name suggests, VIP roulette has been designed for high rollers – players looking for exclusivity and prominence. VIP roulette is fantastic to play and win at as players stand to win mega cash!