Pros and cons of playing slot

Pros and cons of playing slot

Slot machines are the most played games in casinos all around the world. Millions of people play slots in hope of getting big bonuses and a jackpot. Slot games are available as land machines and online slot games. But or slot even worth playing. Many anti gambling NGOs are demanding a short game you ban and treat as a normal betting or gambling game.

There are some pros and cons of playing slots that are listed below


  • Big jackpots:

You can play for fun but the amount you can afford winning is a slot that gives a nice bonus and sometimes you hit the jackpot. Progressive jackpot can help you to win more than seven figures.

  • Easy to play 

Slot games are really easier to play than any other casino game. You don’t need any strategy to play full stop, you just need to pull the liver and play a slot game.

  • Entertainment

Slot games have been in business since the 19th century and they are a great source of entertainment. You can play without any special learning and when money is dopamine rush.

  • Bonuses and VIP rewards

Slot games have a variety of bonus and VIP rewards that attract players. The bonus is high and you can make more money than your actual amount.

  • Variety

There are a vast variety of games available in slot games. In online or offline login there are games available from retro style to movie production style.


  • Can be addictive

Slot machines produce most revenue in casinos. They are addictive and leak little little money out of your pocket more than any casino games. They produce dopamine and excessive dopamine acts as a drug.

  • Can’t use strategies

Slot machines are based on sheer  luck. Strategic planning helps in brain activation. But slot machines just produce dopamine to make us feel good.

  • Fast play rate: 

Play rate is defined as the number of rounds a game is played in an hour. Slot machines have  500 spins per hour. Players generally don’t take breaks in between. If they take a break they are drawn to play again so return to play is high in slot games.

  • Luck

As we mentioned earlier, slots are based on luck. People keep spinning wheels to check their luck and end up losing more and more money. In rage people tend to lose more money in slots than any other casino games.


Gambling can be good or bad so is slot machines. Whether you choose to enjoy games and stick to machines just to lose more money or play with responsibility within your budget it’s all up to you. One should decide the budget and leave the machine when they are reaching the budget. To avoid addiction, slot addiction, slot players  should stop visiting slot machines more frequently.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash