TOP 10 Most Popular Table Games in the World

TOP 10 Most Popular Table Games in the World

Board games are a popular form of entertainment around the world. There are many different types; the most common are strategy ones and card ones. In this entertainment, you can take control of the army, civilization, and much more.

Table games have a major advantage in that they contribute to the development of strategic thinking, as well as train mathematical skills. Here, it is important to calculate each of your actions a few steps ahead. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

Today we will discuss the most popular games played worldwide. If you are looking for exciting entertainment for a Friday night with friends, we advise you to consider our selection.


The number of players is from 1 to 7. World wars are the most common topic in board games. But here, you will be offered an alternative version of the interwar period.

Players will take control of alternative versions of European states, each country striving to become a leader on the world stage after a devastating military conflict. In these amusing table games, you have to fight with other players for resources, engage in hostilities with rivals, and take steps to restore the economy.


The number of players is from 2 to 6. Reading the rules can quickly start the game at home with friends. To start, you only need a classic deck of 36 cards. The first distribution is conducted by the player determined by lot, then the role of the croupier is transferred to the winner of the round.

Players receive five cards each; the croupier takes 4 cards for himself and puts one face down on the table. This is where the gameplay in bridge begins; the goal is to cover the card in the center with the same suit or value. You can get rid of several cards in your hand at once if they have the same case or value.

If there is no card in hand, the player draws it from the deck and skips the turn. The loser is the one with the most cards left in their hand.

7 Wonders

The number of players is from 2 to 8. The game has some similarities with the famous Civilization. Here you take on the role of the ruler of an ancient people who need to prove their power, influence, power, and greatness. To advance through 7 Wonders, you need to score points; there are numerous ways to do this. Moreover, 7 Wonders is characterized by epic battles and the ability to build various buildings.

Twilight Imperium

The number of players is from 3 to 6. Twilight Imperium is made in the genre of science fiction. Each player controls an alien civilization. As in other games, the main goal in Twilight Imperium is to rise to power and conquer other nations. The gaming session may well stretch for 6 hours or more.


The number of players is from 2 to 7. Diplomacy is an elementary entertainment that is very popular worldwide. Its main feature is that you can play at any age.

There are no complex combat battles here; victory depends solely on the number of units involved. The essence of the game is to conclude mutually beneficial diplomatic agreements, without which it is impossible to advance in the story.


The number of players is from 2 to 4. A popular board game in the “Strategy” genre has been in demand among players for the past few years. A feature of Pandemic is that there are several options for passing, which will affect the final result of the game session.

The participants will take on the role of scientific specialists seeking to cope with a dangerous disease’s spread. Can you find a cure that will save all of humanity from destruction? A dangerous virus can destroy entire cities and even countries in a few days.

The creator Matt Leacock periodically releases add-ons in which you will be offered the opportunity to access new storylines.

A Few More Board Games That Deserve Your Attention

  1. Terraforming Mars. You have to go to the conquest of Mars. Players need to interact with each other to achieve the desired result.
  2. Brass: Birmingham. The board game focuses on the theme of business. Players build their businesses through the industrial revolution, adopt new technologies, and strive to make more money than their competitors. Brass: Birmingham teaches you to adapt to what is happening and quickly change the current strategy.
  3. Citadels. The main task of the players is to build a great city, but there are several “buts”. The round begins with a secret distribution of roles—each participant chooses who he will be—from a thief to a king. Each character has characteristics: the killer, for example, can exclude other players from the round. This dramatically affects the passage.
  4. Gloomhaven. A strategy game in which players need to interact with each other to overcome various obstacles in their path. Players like the game for its compactness, as well as for the excitement of fighting.


Board games are an excellent way to spend your leisure time. You not only find what to do with your leisure time but also train your skills in strategic thinking, logic, quick mathematical calculations, etc. A wide variety of board games allows you to select entertainment precisely for your needs and interests.

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