Poker with a Twist and why Pizza is important!

Poker with a Twist and why Pizza is important!

It can be really hard work finding the most trusted casino sites and casino games to play but while you are sifting through the options, we thought you might appreciate some light entertainment.

As a poker player, you will no doubt have your game of choice, most likely Texas Hold’em at a guess; otherwise it’s probably Omaha or Seven Card Stud.  But there is a whole new world of alternative games out there that are certain to test your poker skills to the max, not to mention your brain. 

Even if you are a complete beginner don’t worry, with a fresh approach you can probably pick up these games faster than someone who has played the same poker game for years.

This is Poker; but not as you know it!


Razz is a derivative of the ever-popular Seven Card Stud game, but if that is your game of choice you will have to have a serious rethink of your strategy.  Rather than seeking out the highest scoring hand, you must make the lowest scoring hand to take the pot.

Razz is a poker variation that is sure to blow the cobwebs out of your brain and perhaps one that is worthy of presenting at your next friendly home poker tournament.  If you want to get some sneaky practice ahead of that, we have even found a few online poker sites where you can play it.


Next up is Pineapple and not the type you are going to find on your pizza, although you might just need some sustenance whilst you digest the many variants of this game.

Plain pineapple is available, but it also comes in Lazy, Daisy and even Crazy flavours as well.  You will have to check out the rules for yourself for each one, but we can tell you that it is a variation of Texas Hold’em, which might help.

Pass the Trash

No, not the empty pizza boxes, this is an entertaining version of Seven Card Stud so we are told, although the rules don’t exactly match up to that description in our opinion.

Anyway, it is called Pass the Trash because instead of discarding the cards you don’t want, you simply hand them over to another player instead. Obviously there is a bit more to it than that and if you fancy a trial run, then a very similar version called Anaconda is available online.


Moving swiftly on, just as horses do, you will need to know the basics of many poker games to cope, even though this particular HORSE is an acronym:

  • Hold’em
  • Omaha Hi/Low
  • Razz (7-card Stud Low)
  • Stud (7-card Stud High)
  • Eight or Better (7-card Stud Low and High)

The game combines those five games, which you could find somewhat mind-blowing, especially after lots of pizza and a few beers to wash it down.  Urban legend suggests that you can play HORSE (usually for high stakes) at a select number of casinos, but we don’t know where unfortunately.

Chinese Poker

Last but not least we have a real brain-fryer for you, chips anyone?  We say that because getting to grips with this game is almost as hard as learning the Chinese language.

Firstly, you need some serious multi-tasking skills, as you will be playing three hands at the same time.  Briefly you are dealt thirteen cards to make three hands, one with 3 cards and two with 5 cards, as follows:

  • Top hand:  best three low cards
  • Middle hand:  five cards that must beat the first three
  • Lower hand:  must beat the middle hand

With us so far?  We wouldn’t be surprised if you say no to that as we have doubts that we completely get it either!

Get the pizza in

No, it’s not another variation.  We didn’t have the space here to detail all of the rules, so if you do fancy a try at any of these games, you will have to do a little bit of homework and find them for yourselves, whilst enjoying pizza, of course.

If you like the games we selected, then great but on the other hand, if you are getting bored with poker then other card games are available, which need some slightly different skills, but will also give you a challenge.

Photo by Ivan Torres on Unsplash