Play with Experts at & BBO is an initiative that allows for bridge players to partner up (or play against) a group of expert bridge champions. If you’ve ever wanted to step up your game to a higher level, or see what it’s like to share tables with a pro, this gives you a chance to do it.

Here’s what to know about the new online bridge group – and why to participate.

What’s is the direct link to find the club’s website, but it’s also the name chosen for the club itself. The club isn’t your traditional bridge players’ club, but can be compared to an open tournament event where participants either play with or against the expert players.

Successful tournaments have already been held through, including the Summer Corona Crush 1 & 2, the only tournament form out there that sounds like a great name for a cocktail.

Why play?

It’s online play with experts, and it’s all co-ordinated behind the scenes so players don’t have to worry about it.

The standard playing platform used is Bridge Base Online.

Already a BBO player?

Well, then you’re good to go already. Just visit the website from there.

Who are the players?

Three expert players are behind the running and creation of the club: Versace, Primavera and Fruscoloni.

Here are their bio links from the main website. According to the links, an e-mail can be sent for arranging private games – or, members of the club can keep an eye out for their tournaments.

Alfredo Versace

(BBO: nevaio) Along with 2005 and 2013 Bermuda Bowl win, I had multiple victories in the Olympiad (3), European Championships (7), Spingold (2), Vanderbilt (2), Rosenblum (2), Cavendish teams (2), Reisinger (3)[…]

Federico Primavera

(BBO: fulldiRe) My National Score: 7 gold medals, 3 silver, 2 bronze. My International Score: 1 gold medal (European Junior Teams Championship), 3 silver […]

Leonardo Fruscoloni

(BBO: frusco) I am a professional bridge player living in Rome and traveling around the world to play the best bridge tournaments and competitions. […]

So, what’s it like?

We asked bridge player and participant Steve Root what he thinks so far. “It’s a well run tournament, against world class players, played in a fun atmosphere. The team sponsor loves it (most importantly). He loves the opportunity to play against some world and European champions in these strange times we live in.”

Well said!

By Alex J. Coyne