Online Roulette – How to Play and Win Real Money?

Online Roulette – How to Play and Win Real Money?

Outside, straight up, backtrack – wait, what?

About the Game

Among the games of chance that are a tradition to casinos, roulette is one. It is distinguished by betting grid and the roulette wheel. There are different versions to choose from, such as the European and the American variants. The wheel has slots that are numbered and range from 1 to 36. Roulette of the American version would have two zero slots, one of 0 and another of 00. The gameplay is simple, and one simply needs to pick a combination or a number and place their wager on the table accordingly.

While the real-world experience at a casino involves standing with other players and facing the dealer, a similar experience is created when you log in and try the live casino versions on websites. The portals ensure live, interactive sessions for the players with a dealer who handles the session. The real-time play involves being guided for placing bets, and after the betting is closed, the table moves and wins announced by the dealer.

There are several variants that have been launched over the years besides the European and American version. Based on these basic versions there are variants to try such as Live American, Double Spin, Multi Wheel, French, European, English, Triple Bonus and others.

Terms to Know

There are certain terms that one needs to be familiar with when they wish to spin the wheel in this game:

  • Outside and inside bet are placed on numbered slots on the wheel and called inside bet while outside bet comprises of high odds that are safer, placed as multiple combinations such as choice of even or odd, on colours and so forth. Beginners need to start with the outside bets since their chances of losing is less;
  • Straight-up bets are placed on numbers individually and on chips;
  • Backtrack is the outer rim of the roulette wheel;
  • Even money, when bet payouts are 1:1.

Roulette for Beginners

Casinos and portals make it attractive for players to spin the wheel and see their chances for winning prize money. Those who are new to this category will find easy and step by step instructions to follow on domains and portals. It is best to try one’s hands on the virtual or digital versions first since demo modes are available and one can learn at their own pace. The demo modes do not require real money wagers and help beginners understand how the wins happen.

Rules to Follow

The basic guidelines for the game are as follows:

  • Two main wheel types are available, and the American one has numbers till 36 with an additional 00 to the single 0; European version contains numbers that start from 0 and end at 36;
  • The house edge for the American version is 5.26% while the European wheel has a lesser edge for the house, about 2.63% for which many prefer this version to play with money.

How to Make Wins with Money in Roulette?

There are tips that players can employ when they wish to make the most of online roulette game real money:

  • Casinos that include surrender and en prison feature helps players to see more wins since they lose half of what they bet; if double zero or zero come on, half of the bet amount is returned to the gambler; it is also similar to bets with even money;
  • It is best to opt for single zero if one is able to choose between wheels containing single or double zero; that is because the single zero wheel has a lower house edge provides more winning chances;
  • Practice with demo mode or trial bonus money is recommended before one tries the game with real money; it will showcase that the game, being purely one of luck, there is a certain probability or interval between which wins come through; hence, one should wager intermittently on the wheel and take breaks in between;
  • The European version is the more preferred for lower house edge, outside bets like even or odd, high or low, red or black choices provide higher chances of wins;
  • Ensure that the portal or casino where you play has a good reputation and is a licensed and registered entity. Dependable payment processing is one of the criteria that one should focus on when wagering with real money on casino games.


Knowing the basic rules, setup of the roulette wheel, and the different kinds of bets you can place are all the information one needs to play the game. But it’s also good to remember that roulette is a game of chance. Wager within your budget and take breaks frequently. If you’ve had a good win that is the best time to stop playing and withdraw your prize money.

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