Online Gambling Is Undergoing a Revolution in America

Online Gambling Is Undergoing a Revolution in America

The online gambling ban of 2005 has crippled the industry and shattered the dreams of those who enjoy this type of Internet entertainment. The vast majority of players are law-abiding citizens, so they simply gave up their hobby. Some decided to play at offshore operators and risk the wrath of the law and the tricks of dishonest casinos. Sadly, many legitimate casinos, sports betting sites and poker rooms stopped accepting US players, which led to a steep decline of gambling in the States. Things are slowly but surely returning to normal and an online gambling revolution is underway in America.

Lawmakers miss the lost revenues

The first effect of denying players the option of enjoying their favorite games at licensed operators was a migration to offshore casinos. Those who were hell-bent on playing found ways to circumvent the law and chose casinos offering this alternative. Some lost money by playing at unreliable operators, but others found casinos that ran a legitimate business, in spite of not being licensed in the US. The result was a huge financial loss for the US, as gambling revenue was sent outside national borders.

Lawmakers and politicians don’t like the idea of losing money and they started to pay attention to this growing trend. When it became obvious that a significant swath of the population would continue gambling in spite of the restrictions, legalizing it became a priority. There are many states scattered across the nation where you can play casino games, bet on sports and even play poker. Even though they represent the minority, more are joining the fray and the balance is about to tilt in their favor.

The early signs of legalizing online gambling are encouraging for international operators who consider the possibility of entering the market. Everyone wants to tap into the immense potential of the US gambling market and the biggest players are ready to step up. Some are already setting shop in states where online gambling was legalized and pay attention to neighboring states. With a few notable exceptions, they are more willing to pass such gambling bills, so the future looks bright.

The online gambling demographics are expanding

Back in the day, the vast majority of casino players were men, while women dominated the bingo landscape. While this is still generally true, the lines have blurred and the margins are much narrower today than ever before. With each passing year, it looks like the point of convergence is inevitable, as players from all walks of life and all genres enjoy the games. Women have plenty of casinos catering mainly to them, while men have started to appreciate the excitement of bingo.

Younger individuals are also promoting mobile gambling, as they prefer to play over the Internet. Many people who would normally avoid land-based casinos are considering the online versions of the games. Since they can be played for free and bonuses are available, they keep attracting new players every year.

Photo by Aidan Howe on Unsplash