Online Casinos and Digital Wallets

The industry of online sports betting has grown tremendously in recent decades, with the sheer ease of access to action & use across pretty much any electronic device known to man being the catalyst for growth and user enjoyment in online casinos. In more recent years however, many lead betting companies have switched their attentions to the online casinos market, whether that be traditional table card games or the advanced world of video slots which have come a hell of a long way since the simple days of lining up the noughts and crosses!

Similar to pretty much any emerging betting technology market, naturally competition to not only attract new player sign-ups but perhaps more importantly keep them playing has resulted in the landscape changing significantly with casino operators in the online space having to up with new and innovative ways to increase player retention. Most commonly it seems, this is achieved thrugh attract player sign up bonuses and often loyalty schemes which award players with pay-back type rewards – whether that be via free spins or real cashback in their accounts. These rewards typically being awarded based on a customers playing volume.

Another way internet based casino outfits are attracting new players is through the evolution & adaptation of both deposit and withdrawals methods & options offered to their playing customer base. Players are now often unwilling to wait it seems for several business days to have their withdrawal paid back onto their credit (now banned) or debit card. Casinos have listened to this customer gripe and more and more operators are now offering online wallets such as PayPal as a a quick & easy method to deposit & withdraw – often completely bypassing old withdrawal times and achieving instant withdrawals to their customers online wallets.

Another online wallet which seems to becoming more popular and prevalent as a method of withdrawal is Interac. The number of Interac e-Transfer Casinos in 2021 has risen dramatically and noticeably. Interac is an online wallet to rival the likes of PayPal, and similarly to other online wallets transaction fees are typically free or very low – and deposit and withdrawal times are often instant.

To summarise, the landscape for deposit and withdrawal methods for online casinos has changed significantly and any online betting or casino operator who refuses to acknowledge this are sure to be left behind by their customers as they seek newer, easier, more intuitive and more reliable ways to get their stakes both on and off their favourite betting sites.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash