Online Casino Searches on A Peak During Lockdown in the U.S.

Online Casino Searches on A Peak During Lockdown in the U.S.

If there is only one way to define the year 2020, it will be known as the year of the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken the world by storm with millions infected and several thousands of deaths globally. Its effect has been widespread, with many industries affected due to the lockdown imposed by most governments globally. 

This pandemic has affected the world in many ways, ranging from the various challenges it brought to people’s wellbeing. The challenges vary, including loss of jobs, a decrease in profits for organizations, and many more, just to mention. 

Sporting events were also affected by the Olympics postponed to 2021, while most key activities had to be rescheduled on other sports to accommodate time lost due to the pandemic. The pause on sporting activities affected sports betting as millions of punters could not get on their favorite sporting events for several months. 

Restrictions on land-based casino

The casino betting industry is not left unscathed as thousands of casinos were forced to shut down operations in the U.S. for months due to the pandemic. This significantly reduced the revenue for physical casinos like those that would normally patronize these casino houses had no option but to stay at home due to the restrictions. This also led to decisions by several small operation owners to close shop in order to minimize loss. 

Furthermore, several state governors’ delayed decisions to ease the lockdown have affected in recent months’ casino activities. While states that have opened have established strict laws on social distancing and specific terms on the number of persons that can visit a casino at a given time, others did not grant approval on time. This has greatly diminished the urge of casual bettors and led to a surge towards online casinos. We recommend that you check out the reviews of some top online casinos; (like this one for Mayfair Casino) to help you choose where to begin your online experience.

Online Casino, New Way Out

It is not a surprise that most traditional casinos started offering services online, with more people playing online casino games in 2020 than any other year in the world’s history. The presence and use of online casinos typically discouraged bettors from visiting traditional casino clubs as they can stay home and place bets from their bedroom or kitchen.

Many lovers of casino now patronize this online hub of gambling in order to sustain their interest. In addition, the ease of signing up, and the multiple payment options available have made the growth of these online casinos become exponential.  As a result, researchers and experts opined that online gambling online is the new norm, and it will take a long time for the casino industry may never return to the traditional ways of placing bets.

A recent report carried out revealed that online casino searches increased tremendously and reached an all-time high in the United States during the COVID-19 lockdown. This is quite obvious because people are vigorously looking for how they can play their favorite games online. These new developments suggest that there is a greater awareness of online gambling, with several platforms becoming more interesting to users. Aside from this, online casinos are also attracting new players by providing juicy bonuses and tons of options that are not available in the traditional casino.

Reasons why you should choose an online casino

We are advocates of the new trend towards online gambling, and we highlight some of the advantages of betting online. 

  1. Accessibility: Online casino is very easy to access since instructions are clearly stated and, when properly followed, involves no stress. This easy accessibility has made gamers to patronize online casino, especially during the COVID-19 period
  2. Betting from home: Online gambling brings your favorite games to your home. Instead of driving several miles to play, you can easily play 24 hours using your smartphone, tablets, or P.C. from the comfort of your house. This is also beneficial since you face little or no distractions, unlike what’s obtainable in a physical casino. 
  3. Easy funding and payouts: Online casinos tends to offer multiple options for funding, thereby making it easy to play multiple times despite losses. Many casinos have payments using popular debit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Transactions are typically fast and take a few minutes. 

You can enjoy multiple payouts in games like video pokers, slot machines, and so on. The payout is instantly, and there is no delay whatsoever. Also, there are tons of bonuses offered by online casinos that are not accessible offline. Due to the intense competition for customer acquisition, online casinos offer huge jackpots and welcome bonuses.

  1. Availability: Online casinos are readily available. The online casino has been made simpler in the sense that you do not have to download the software before you place any bet. Online casino gives one the opportunity to see, hear, and interact with other dealers in the game. Some casinos even offer virtual reality options for gamers who want to experience a feeling that’s very close to the real casino. 
  2. Keeps record: Online casino helps keep a record of how well a gambler has placed bets. When records are properly kept, strategies are developed. When strategies are developed, the probability of winning becomes high because one will not just place random bets but informed bets due to insights from past records and trends. 
  3. Test driving games: Through online casino, there is nothing mandating one to play the game with real money. One may simply download preferred games and play within the site.
  4. Diversification of games: There are many games available online. This is one of the things the land-based casino lacks. Some casinos offer thousands of games on their platform. This huge collection of games means that punters are able to have a surreal experience as they can switch between different types of gaming options. 
  5. Reward for money: Online casino gives reward for money in the sense that there is no stress involved and it can be played anywhere in as much as you access to an internet-enabled device.

A Departure from the Status Quo

The increased attention of gamers towards online gambling is a reflection of the progress that has occurred in recent years. There has been a huge push by casino companies towards providing online gaming experience that is very similar to a real-life casino.

The Covid-19 pandemic also made more people to embrace online casinos, and this trend is likely to continue in the future.