Off-Putting Card Decks

Off-Putting Card Decks

There are thousands of different card decks that are a perfect gift for anyone who loves cards, or anyone who loves classic films, horror movie characters, action stars or naked people. There are themed card decks for almost everything, so what about the card decks that are a little quirky and a little off-putting – but weird enough that you’ve just got to own them?

Bicycle Karnival Dead Eyes Playing Cards

Let’s put it this way: This card deck is absolutely gorgeous to look at, but it’s the kind of card deck that would unsettle you just a little bit if you were alone in their house and they had it displayed next to a shrine of their ex-girlfriend.

The description for these says that the idea was inspired by “gothic medical imagery and the world of serial killers.”

It’s great for a certain vibe, but really creepy for others. It’s a great gift idea for your goth friends, but a terrible gift to give your dentist.

50 Things That Might Kill You

The longer title for this card deck is 50 Things That Might Kill You: Self-Diagnosis Card Deck for Hypochondriacs – and while it’s not traditionally a playing card deck and falls more under the trading card realm, this is the weirdest thing that popped up during my search. It’s a great gift for someone with a sense of humour who sees the worst in things – and of course, it does come with a warning for anyone who might seriously self-diagnose.


Vax-Cards is a Kickstarter-funded card game about “vaccination, education and infectious fun”. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves weird trading card games like Exploding Kittens. The whole point of this game is to, well, infect and vaccinate. You can find more information about this one on BoardGameGeek.

Infectious Disease Trading Cards

Ever thought that infectious diseases would make a really great card game? Most people haven’t, but it would seem like it was a great idea to someone. You can see these cards at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum. Dig around the museum website and you’ll surely find some more oddities and collectables related to mankind’s history of disease.

Bicycle Killer Clowns

Know someone who has a terrible fear of clowns, or is that person you? Here’s a Bicycle-themed Killer Clowns collectable card deck that’s bound to give a few people nightmares – especially if you were to leave random cards in strange places, like the fridge or bathroom door.

New Serial Killer Trading Cards

Love serial killers? Well, um, you can find the New Serial Killer Trading Cards here (add link), because apparently the first ones were popular enough for these to become a thing.

You can also check out the Notorious Serial Killers Trump Deck from Kulturmeister.

We noted that people who viewed this item also viewed keychains that state, “Stay Sexy, Don’t Get Murdered.”

Okay then!