New Casino and Betting platforms for Norwegian players

New Casino and Betting platforms for Norwegian players

Norwegian players can consider themselves lucky as and, two new platforms for everything casino and betting related online, are launched. With founding members with over 10 years experience in online gambling and the Norwegian market, these websites are sure to provide Norwegian gamblers with something they have long been missing.

The company combines knowledge and expertise about gambling and the Norwegian market. But also an idea of what is and has been lacking on the market. The two websites will focus on delivering and developing the gambling community of the country. With a goal of being the number one destination for anyone with questions or curiosity about gambling. But the ambition does not end with new players. Norway is known to be a country of sports betting. And for too long, the bettors have been lacking a place to get inspiration and tips in their betting.

Two sites for everything casino & betting related is launched with a focus on betting. Here, the focus lays in giving both new and veteran bettors useful information and help out their gambling. Impartial reviews, bulletproof betting tips and lists of the best current bonuses on the Norwegian market can be expected and continuously updated. New players will also find complete guides to all things betting related. No matter what players are looking for; from cashout functions and payment methods to betting on politics, or even responsible gambling information, Bettingspesialisten aims to provide it. on the other hand focuses entirely on online casinos for the Norwegian market. Here players will find everything from reviews of the latest slot machines to bonuses and strategies for card games. also aims to be the first place players will look to find any casino related news, including new games and special offers.

A focus on the player, not the websites

An increasing trend in the online community ranking and comparing gambling websites is to not factor in the customer, or player. Partial reviews, unlicensed websites, unreliable support, poor script and code, and a lack of responsible gaming considerations has become the norm. The customers are bombarded with commercials from every direction.

The founders of and think this is fundamentally wrong. The customer should be in focus. And those who do not wish to participate should not be exposed to gambling everywhere. Instead, the goal of these websites is to collect all information that could be useful or interesting in one place.

“Those who wish to learn more, find information and tips should be able to easily find it. And responsible gambling should always be considered. Players should be offered the tools they need to keep their gambling on a comfortable level. And platforms with shady and confusing terms and poor player protection must be avoided at all costs.”
A spokesperson states on company behalf.

While the websites have only recently been launched, they both show an impressive range of features and content. New guides, reviews and news are constantly being added, and the platforms continue to grow. We will keep a close eye on and Time will tell if these websites manage to become the wikipedia for Norwegian gamblers, as is the founder’s ultimate goal. 

Photo by Samuel Han on Unsplash

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