Most Popular Casino Magazines That You Should Check Out

Most Popular Casino Magazines That You Should Check Out

Many visitors of online casinos that offer the opportunity of playing games for real money like to know as much as they can about the gambling industry. Nowadays, there is plenty of information that one can find online. However, professional magazines that specialize only in one topic, such as the gambling industry, will provide their readers with trustworthy and reliable information. 

So, if you are a gambling fan who wants to know what is the highest payout online casino that offers the best payout as well as fast withdrawal methods, or if you want to know where to find the ultimate bonuses, then here are some magazines that you should know of. 

Top 5 Casino Magazines Ideal For Any Gambling Fan

If you want to read on how to play slots or where to find the best online and land-based gambling venues, then you should check out one of the following publications:


  • Casino Life 
  • Casino Life & Business 
  • Casino Journal
  • Casino Style 
  • Casino Player

Casino Life Magazine

This magazine has become the most important B2B publication that focuses on all gambling operations. Moreover, you can also find information about various suppliers of gaming services. 

Casino Life & Business Magazine

If you wish to know what happens behind the curtains of the gambling industry, then this is the magazine that you should turn to. All about poker, bets, and tournaments that you need to know are now in one place. 

Casino Journal

A worldwide B2B source of information for anyone dwelling in land-based or online gambling or betting. What is more, you can find out all you need to know about the slot machine industry. 

Casino Style Magazine

Those who are fans of Global Gaming Business Magazine already know that it also has an annual supplementary magazine that deals with the trends from the gambling industry. With only one post per week, this publication provides its readers with detailed insight into the future of the gambling business. 

Casino Player Magazine 

With a 24-year long experience, this magazine has proven to be one of the most reliable publications for US readers who want to dig up more information about the gambling world. 


The age of the Internet has paved the way for many unreliable publications that are only aiming to attract your attention with catchy titles and fake news. But, if you know which magazines to pick then, you will always stay updated with the latest trends that will possibly affect the future of the gambling industry.