Merchants and Marketplaces for Card Collectors

Merchants and Marketplaces for Card Collectors

by Alex J. Coyne © 2021 Great Bridge Links

Card enthusiasts are collectors by nature, and collecting them all isn’t just a catchy slogan (but likely closer to a way of life). If you have one playing card deck in the house, you’ll soon buy a second – and before you know it, you’ve got an entire collection worthy of a world record!

Would you call yourself a card collector, playing card enthusiast, or a general lover of all card-related things?

Did you find this page because you have or need playing cards for sale?

Skip Craigslist and stick to reputable or authenticated card dealers!

Here’s a look at where to find some of the best merchants and marketplaces for card-related things, from vintage to rare collector’s items.


Books, Playing Cards, & Tables

Playing card sets, bridge or poker tables, and vintage card books make up some of the most common card-related items for sale. It goes without saying that you’d like to buy the best! Here’s where to go first:

1. Rare Playing Cards 

Rare Playing Cards is an online retailer that specializes in rare and vintage playing card decks. If you’re looking for collectable decks, limited-print decks, or rare decks in fair to excellent condition, Rare Playing Cards has an incredibly huge database.

All the essential information about your potential card purchase (including things like its publisher and year) are listed as one of the site’s most useful features.

2. Biblio 

Biblio is one of the world’s largest online book retailers. It’s a must-stop if you consider yourself a bookworm, collector, or enthusiastic reader of any topic available – including, of course, playing cards.

Books listed on Biblio are usually rare or vintage, with the idea of connecting with the seller. Details like ISBN and publication year are listed by each title, or searchable if you are looking for a specific book.

More than 100 million different titles are listed on Biblio right now.

Does that tempt your inner reader yet? 

3. Antiques World (UK)

Antique card tables are a special thing, and they might even contain the magic of a 1, 000 previous card games that had been played around it. If you have the budget and inclination to seek out a vintage card table, specific retailers with a solid reputation are best.

AntiquesWorld is a UK-based catalogue of rare and antique items. Click the above link for direct access to their bridge tables.

4. eBay

eBay took its share of the market at the height of the dot-com boom, and it’s stuck around as a popular online peer-to-peer auction website ever since. While there are superior websites, many private sellers and collectors still prefer the simplicity of eBay.

For specific purchases, make sure that eBay is always one of the websites you check (especially if you can’t find what you were looking for anywhere else!).

Remember to take extra safety and product authentication precautions whenever dealing with private, online sellers.

5. CardMarket

CardMarket is based in Europe, although has an international base of visitors to the site who all get their trading cards in the same place. CardMarket is for more specialized trading, with a clear focus on TCGs and different decks.

CardMarket is one of the largest peer-to-peer websites for card sales, whether what you’re looking for is common, rare, or super hard to find.

6. Online Playing Card Shops

We’ve got some amazing playing card shops listed on our sister website Gifts & Supplies for Card Players with a whole section dedicated to Playing Cards.

7. Playing Card & Bridge Ephemera

No listing is quite complete without a link to Peter Dunn’s bridge ephemera and collectibles web page. Be warned, it’s old! But for the diehard collector, you’ll find some amazing stuff.

Checking & Authenticating Purchases

Authentication is one of the most important elements for an interest buyer. Have you seen something you like on a card site or online listing? Do you need more information about something you own, or want to buy/sell? Here are some of the best essential guides and sites for card data.


Trading Card Database (or TCBD) is a website filled with essential trading card information spanning several titles. Information is crowdsourced and kept as up-to-date as possible. If you’re any kind of trading card collector, you’ll want to bookmark this.

2. USPCC Decks

Bicycle playing cards are one of the most commonly collected brand names for cardists. That’s because they’re some of the best! If you’re trying to figure out the details associated with a specific deck, here’s an official guide on how to use USPCC dating codes found on most card decks.

3. PSA Cards

PSA Cards is a website for the serious collector, and one of the best in the business. In short, they offer professional services that includes trading card grading. Need to know if cards are authentic, or want to know what specific cards are worth? Professional valuation services are part of what they offer here.