Meet Michael Wiesenberg

Meet Michael Wiesenberg

Great Bridge  Links is pleased to welcome journalist Michael Wiesenberg to our new At The Casino Magazine.

Michael Wiesenberg made his living playing poker for 10 years before turning to a career as technical writer in the computer field.

Michael Wiesenberg - At the Casino on Great Bridge LinksHis books reflect those two careers: Ultimate Casino Guide, The Official Dictionary of Poker, Puzzled Programmers (a collection of short stories, each of which introduces a mathematical puzzle best solved by computer, with solutions presented in three programming languages), and Free Money: How to Win in the Cardrooms of California.

Michael was a columnist for 25+ years for Card Player Magazine. He contributed dozens of articles and stories to Gambling Times. He wrote scores of articles for InfoWorld and had regular columns in A+ (an early Apple computer magazine) and Dr. Dobb’s Journal. He has edited several books about poker by well-known authors.

The noted poker authority and author Mike Caro (“The Mad Genius of Poker”) wrote: “Wiesenberg ranks among today’s most prolific and respected poker authorities.”

Wiesenberg also constructs crossword puzzles, and has had five published in the New York TImes, and hundreds in magazines, newspapers, and online. He is the author of Canadian Crosswords: From British Columbia to Maple Syrup to Rock Music … and More!

You can purchase Michael’s Official Dictionary Of Poker on Amazon on these links: