Latest Bingo Trends To Look Out For 

Latest Bingo Trends To Look Out For 


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the game bingo. You’ve probably played it yourself, and it’s likely that your mother has too, and her mother before her. The game bingo dates back to the 16th century and was first invented in Italy. When you think of bingo players, you probably picture older grandmothers collecting little balls from bingo machines. You’d be surprised to find out that bingo is a game played by millions every day. It is an extremely lucrative industry that is expanding rapidly, with 153 million made from online bingo alone across the UK. This has resulted in these UK licensed operators looking for new and exciting ways to attract players and contribute to this growing market. 

As expected in any expanding market, there is fierce competition between bingo operators, urging each one to improve their bingo services to stay afloat in the industry. While it used to be sufficient to host a few bingo rooms, operators no longer can afford to do the bare minimum and must look to invent creative ways to play bingo. In this list, we will be covering some of the latest bingo trends that are all the rage across the world today.

Trend #1: 5G Virtual Reality Live Games in Casinos 

Currently, the most interactive and realistic casino experience that you can find online is live casino games. Using live stream software, gamblers can play blackjack, roulette, and even poker with online players and dealers as they would in real life. You heard it here first –– live virtual reality gaming is the latest bingo trend to keep a lookout for. 

When 5G was introduced to the world in 2021, many in the live casino industry saw the opportunity for 5G network quality to further strengthen the existing virtual reality market. Virtual reality, or VR, requires dependable, unfailing networks with low latencies. 5G thus helps to unleash the full potential of VR as it has wider broadband that provides a faster network at a much lower cost than the widely-adopted 4G network. 

At present, developers are already testing the uses of 5G with VR technologies provided by Bangkok Post, M1, and Huawei against the older 4G networks that are much slower. 

The day that 5G becomes the norm for most markets will be the day that online gambling grows to its greatest potential, as game developers will be forced to test the limits of their games to provide the most immersive virtual reality game –– online casino gambling, bringing the ultimate bingo experience to their players’ coffee table. 

Trend #2: The Rise of iGaming & its Development in Pop Culture 

When Evolution Gaming started streaming typical casino games like poker and blackjack, they revolutionized the gaming market by introducing a new wheel-spinning game called Dream Catcher, which was largely inspired by classic game shows. 

This resulted in other classic TV show games being adapted to online games by other gambling sites, especially as more Americans are getting more used to gambling on the internet. 

Ever since online gaming was legalized back in 2013, more Americans are joining the online gambling scene; incentivizing gaming companies, to create their beloved gambling games on a virtual platform. The most famous type of online gaming for casinos is probably the slot game, as it works exactly the way it would in real life, with little to no change in its gameplay mechanics. Online slot games provide a larger number of real-world benefits to their real-life counterpart. 

One way that companies have tried to incorporate newness into existing casino games when adapting these games to the online sphere is by borrowing themes from pop culture. Iconic works such as Game of Thrones or Jurassic Park have been used as slot machine themes, and have worked so well in attracting players that they have become the most popular games played among online casino games. 

The next big trend to expect is thus the adaptation of themes from the upcoming movies and television shows that gain traction online. These universes are predicted to bring great potential to slot machines and table games with themes, such as roulette. 

Trend #3: Creating the Crypto Casino 

You might have heard of cryptocurrency or blockchain in conversations over the last few years. While it is a relatively new form of currency and is rather complex in nature, more and more people from all over the world are starting to adopt cryptocurrency as a valid currency to process transactions. 

Many argue that it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrency is more widely adopted as a primary mode of transaction. This translates into cryptocurrency being used as a payment method for casino sites as well, along with the adoption of 5G in the gaming experience, as well as the creation of games inspired by pop culture. This trend will go hand in hand with the bingo trend mentioned earlier in this article, to create a seamless and indulging online casino experience for everyone. 

Trend #4: Bitcoin Bingo 

Just as cryptocurrency has come into fashion, the rise of Bitcoin will be expected to revolutionize payment methods in years to come. The use of digital currency holds much promise and that is why a host of websites have introduced Bitcoin bingo to their online casino gaming options, making the game of Bingo ten times more exhilarating than ever –– especially with the changing prices of Bitcoin. As the famous saying goes, with big risks comes big rewards, Bitcoin bingo could make an everyday man become a millionaire overnight, or strip a man of his wealth just as quickly –– making the game extremely risky, but also exciting!


Bingo is a classic game and it seems that it will never seem to die out, with more trends making the game much more enticing than ever. Players will find themselves returning to the table in hopes that their numbers are drawn, especially since Bingo is no longer just a game for the old-fashioned, with pop culture and new interesting payment methods thrown into the mix. We hope that our list of up and coming bingo trends has piqued your interest in the little game of luck –– and may the odds ever be in your favour.