Key criteria for choosing honest and safe online casinos  

Key criteria for choosing honest and safe online casinos  


In times past, casinos were known as places reserved for just the rich and powerful. Casinos were labelled as a place where people who had money to throw around and could perpetrate violence went to gamble. This opinion, although exaggerated, was not entirely wrong.

The average person, being naive about gambling, was in a dangerous environment in a casino as there were crooks on the prowl to swindle him under the guise of teaching or playing a “fair game”.

The advent of technology, however, and the growth of the digital world have shifted how the world perceives casinos. Doors have been opened now for everyone to play. No matter your wagering capacity or your gambling knowledge, platforms are willing to guide you to have the ultimate Casino experience digitally.

However, Is it now all safe? Are the crooks entirely gone? No, human deficiencies, no matter the platform, still tend to surface and just like it was and still are in the physical setting, there are crooks too in the digital world seeking to swindle you. 

This article serves as an in-depth guide to show some of the ways to identify and choose licensed online casinos to play safely and protect yourself while gambling online.

Check their website for licenses and regulations.

In choosing an online casino, the first thing to look for is if they are government licensed and regulated. This serves to ensure that the casino has met the guidelines, requirements and standards fixed for online casinos. Ensure the casino is also audited by a reputable third party. Evidence of the audit is usually displayed on the casino’s homepage to keep customers assured that gameplay and betting are random, the system is not rigged, and the gambling is fair.

A licensed and regulated casino will also have a set of policies and regulations to verify the identity of players. This is done to keep their user community protected.  

To find an online casino’s license and regulation, scroll to the bottom of their webpage and look for such information. If you feel that they are not being honest with their license and regulation information, read reviews from multiple players.

Ensure the casino is secured from cyber attacks

Since you would be depositing and withdrawing real money, it’s important to make sure you’re transacting with a site free from any potential external attacks. While transacting, personal information and bank details are exposed, and the casino has the duty of ensuring this sensitive information does not end up with fraudsters. This is why it is crucial to evaluate the safety features a casino has in place to protect users’ personal and financial details.

Therefore, while choosing an online casino, check for the presence of an SSL certificate for their website. The SSL certificate ensures that your information is protected.

To determine if a website has an SSL certificate, check its URL to see whether it starts with an “HTTPS” if it does, then it’s SSL encrypted.

Look out for the available payment or banking options.

The methods of payment or banking available and their respective minimum deposit and withdrawal limits are also important factors to consider before you begin using an online casino.

A casino which offers a wide variety of payment options is almost always a good choice but check further to determine if they have the deposit and withdrawal options and limits that you can easily access and use before you go ahead to create an account.

Quality customer support

When playing at online casinos, you will inevitably encounter problems or have questions. It is, therefore, important that you play in an online casino that will respond to your concerns and queries with help and explanations immediately since gambling is a time-bound game.

Ensure there are different channels of reaching out to customer support, such as phone calls, live chat and email. Ask a random query to see if the answer they give comes in quickly enough and helps solve your query.


Gambling is fun and exciting, but it requires you to pay attention. The large gambling market and the lucrative nature of the industry have led to the introduction of hundreds of casinos. This large number exposes players to untold risks, and you must keep yourself safe from fraudulent casinos.

Photo by Michal Dolnik on Unsplash