James Bond – gambler: What online games would he choose today?

James Bond – gambler: What online games would he choose today?

James Bond is a character that needs no introduction. Many people all over the world admire his bravery and courage. Even the phrase “Bond girl” is iconic now. Overall, James Bond deserves to be called the most spectacular and recognizable secret agent. 

Ian Fleming wrote the first novel about James Bond, called The Casino Royale, in 1952. It was successful, and the publisher had to release three circulations to cope with demand. Today “Bondiana” is one of the longest-running movie series in world history. From 1954 to 2015, 27 films were released (an average of one film in two years). The series brought its creators more than 7 billion US dollars, becoming the fourth most successful movie series in history. Let’s imagine that James Bond lives nowadays. If he were a gambler, what online games would he choose?

The most popular online games: battles, fights, and excitement

The great secret agent would love to participate in a battle. World of Warships is one of the most popular online games in this genre. It is a multiplayer action dedicated to naval battles in the setting of the First and Second World War. There are more than two hundred unique ships from the leading maritime powers in WOW. A player has access to a set of 31 maps with gorgeous marine locations. So the task is to win in different battles. The player could pump the skills of their commander by increasing the combat effectiveness of the ships. There is also an opportunity to play in teams with other players from all over the world. Don’t you think James Bond would prefer battling by oneself?

Apart from battling with foreign enemies, James Bond would surely like destroying monsters. Here he could be courageous and brave any way he can. Fortnite is an online game, where he could save the planet from the zombie invasion. A player lands on the island, looking for weapons and equipment, and fights off opponents encroaching on the life. A large selection of equipment and construction mechanics helps to fight. A player could erect walls around, build a staircase to the sky, or organize a small fortress in an instant. James Bond would love this game for its exciting plot, various trials, and bright graphics. 

Is the most exceptional secret agent brave enough to subdue the space? We’re sure he is. At least in gaming he could easily do it. Star Conflict is an online simulator, where the player should complete missions, take part battles, and quests to save the world. The galaxy is divided between star empires, so the universe is waiting for a hero to save it. In Star Conflict, a player could move freely around the galaxy. He will see bewitching space views and detailed ship models floating on the background. Powerful special-effects accompany battles; the player should fight in a powerful team to make a win.

Star Conflict game is primarily suitable for action lovers. Here James Bond could fully demonstrate his skills and abilities.

What about gambling?

Modern online slots give an excellent opportunity to have a great time relaxing and make money at the same time. The atmosphere that develops during the game is as comfortable as possible. Mainly that’s because players don’t have to leave their home for playing. Online casino games could be played for free per demo version. Excellent graphics and the realistic plot distinguish it. Many emulators are very good considering their coefficients, ensuring great pay-out ability of the video slots chosen. 

Talking about James Bond, we can’t avoid mentioning his main specialization. He is good at spying, so he would obviously be pleasant to play some slots with villains. For example, the Dead or Alive slot by the NetEnt game developer. This online game refers to the cowboy theme. Impressive technical characteristics are complemented by an original design that fully corresponds to the chosen classic direction. An interface reflects the atmosphere of the wild west.

In “Bondiana,” James Bond used to drive any vehicle skillfully. He would probably cope with a racing car. That’s why the Multiplier Mayhem slot is worth his attention. A player will feel dark streets of the night city atmosphere. Multiplier Mayhem brings a surge of emotions, a dizzying thirst for victories, and enjoyment of speed. Slot features a fascinating story, high-quality graphic design, a major of bonuses, and creativeness of the gameplay. James Bond would surely like it for its exciting plot. 

One more slot that deserves the attention of the secret agent is Pirate’s Map by Platipus developer. The game is bright and original. The design is influenced by steampunk. The main character is always on the screen, reacting to payments and other events with various gestures. Many elements, such as clock hands, bulbs flicker, time machine gears spin, are animated. The soundtrack is pleasant and enjoyable. James Bond would like this slot for its extraordinary functionality, interface, and plot. 

Overall, there are many decent online slots, which may surely interest the greatest secret hero in movie history. Many of them you can find in Dreams Casino. Exciting plot, impressive graphics, and intuitive interface make all the slots unique and exciting for players. Just select a theme you like and move to a world of adventures!

Photo by ZEKERIYA SEN on Unsplash