Interested in Online Gambling?

Interested in Online Gambling?

By Alex J. Coyne © 2018 Great Bridge Links

We are too! Gambling online offers you the experience of playing without dealing with a crowd of people moving around the casino floor for the same jackpot as you, and it means that you can gamble at any time you want – in any outfit you want. You can even dress your cat up in a little suit and pretend that he’s one of the best blackjack dealers you’ve ever seen.

Or, you can pretend we didn’t say that at all. That’s the point! Online gambling is all about choice. Here’s some fun facts:


Generally agreed by most casino experts to be the first online casino to ever see the light (or is that the server light?), InterCasino was first registered on the 3rd of July, 1996 – which made it the perfect launch date to take advantage of some great 4th of July jackpots. Smart thinking! InterCasino is still going strong today and is worth a visit if you want to see where the industry started out.

Online Gambling Statistics

According to statistics, sports betting makes up the largest percentage of online gambling at present – most likely because sports betting is legal in many countries where other forms of online gambling are not. Casinos, of course, are second on this list. To give you a scope of just how big the online gambling industry really is, it was estimated (according to that online gambling brought in an incredible $47.11 billion US last year – and this is part of a steady incline in revenue in the industry, predicted to hit near the $60 billion mark by 2020.

Casino Lottery

Casino lotteries are a little different from national lotteries – firstly, you’re not looking at a state or national jackpot, which means that the pool of players is much smaller. You’re also looking at a more instant result because the draws on casino lotteries happen pretty much around the clock, so there’s always an open lottery for you to take a chance on somewhere. And casino lotteries are likely to pay out more readily than state lotteries, because the risks involved aren’t as high and the pool doesn’t involve thousands. Less to gain, but online casino lotteries could improve your odds.

Online Gambling… For Free?

Many paid casinos offer a “play for free” option on their website – and many online casinos are set up specifically for no-cash play. You might be wondering what on earth is the point if you aren’t getting the chance to wager money on your game? Well, apart from the obvious reason, being fun!, there are a few good reasons you might want to opt for the free section first:

  • You get to check out the casino first: if you play an online casino for free, they’re basically letting you onto their casino floor at no charge so you can see how much you like it and if you’d like to stick around a little longer. There’s no obligation to play and if you decide that you don’t like this casino much, you have the option to move on.
  • You get to know the lay of the land: okay, so let’s say that you’ve decided on a casino that you enjoy. Cool! Now stick around and get to know just how the place works – you’ll begin to notice the little patterns and quirks that makes each casino unique.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Oh, man it would really suck if you were to lose a thousand dollars on a bet just because you pressed the wrong button, right? May sound silly, but it does happen. And if you don’t know the game that well yet, here’s your chance to play without losing any cash.

One last little note: as with any and all business online, be sure to do a little research before spending any money! Make sure your chosen casino is well established and relatively well known. With a quick Google search, we found this list of rogue and blacklisted online casinos update this year, for you to check out.

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