How to take the card gaming online

How to take the card gaming online

During covid19 it has been difficult to live in many aspects. We have been limited to spending time only at home and our circle of friends and family have been cut away so only seeing the very inner circle has been allowed. This also means that any potential card gaming clubs have been shut down temporarily, so it has been a while since the weekly game of bridge og canasta with friends has been a reality. So what are the alternatives? The answer is taking card gaming online! Because it is very much possible to play both bridge and canasta online, and the gaming sites have numerous online bingo offers that you can enjoy at home on the couch. In the following article we will go through some of the alternate card games to bridge if you are up for trying something new online.


Like bridge, Canasta is also a great card game that you can play up to six players. The objective of the game is to get more points than your opponent and you  play with two decks of cards. A “canasta” is a meld of at least 7 cards of the same rank, and you score points by collecting as many canastas as possible. Each player of the game begins with 15 cards on their hand, and then each take turn picking up a card from the deck in the middle. When you have picked up, you can choose to put down cards on the table – only if you have three cards of the same rank – or you can put down a card into the pile. If you manage to put down all your cards onto the table, you do not have to discard a card. The game ends when a player has at least one (or two depending on the set of rules) canastas and a player closes the table. The whole game is over when one player has at least 5000 points. 


An alternate game is BlackJack or as you might know it 21. It is a casino game where you are trying to beat the dealer of the game by reaching a score of 21 on the cards on your hand. The dealer gives out cards and then you either “hit” or “stand” depending on whether you want to take your chances or not. When you think you have a sufficient score to beat the dealer, you stand and wait for the dealer to play his own cards. If you manage to win, you will get the money you odds doubled. 

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash