How to play Casino Slot Machines like a pro

How to play Casino Slot Machines like a pro 

Walking into a casino for the first time is an exhilarating experience; lots of flashing lights, pinging bells, and loud cheers from winners. Walking up to a casino slot machine with its flashy symbols and buttons is adds to the excitement.  Many people’s first experience with a casino slot machine involves a lot of trial and error and burning through the budget. But game slot online or real-world casino machine games are very easy to understand and play because they all share a basic method of play; you deposit tokens, choose your playline, place a wager, pull a lever or push the play button, and wait for a win or a loss. 

The basic features of a slot machine are:

  • Symbols – These are the flashy icons on the machine. Slot machines have different themes; cars, jewelry, fruits, wildlife, etc. Different symbols come with different values; a fruit theme slot machine will have an apple for $20, banana for $5, strawberry for $50 and so on
  • Rows – This is a line of symbols that moves vertically
  • Reels – This is a line of symbols that moves horizontally 
  • Payline – This is row or reel that you pick 

Step 1- Make a deposit 

Slots in real-world casinos accept tokens which you pay for at the counter. Payment methods include cash, credit card, online wallets, bitcoins, etc.  You place these tokens in the machine’s slot and it calculates your deposit. You can play until this deposit is exhausted or opt to get your unused tokens back.  

Step 2 – Choose your playline

You pick the reels/rows or symbols you think are lucky. Some machines have maximum bets; check out the pay lines you can play before picking your playline. You should also know your coin’s value. 

Step 3 –   Place your bet and multiplier 

Slot machines come with several levels of bets $20, $50, $200, etc. You can also opt to place the maximum bet. Some slots will have a multiplier, which enables you to multiply your winnings e.g. X2, X5, X10, and so on; higher multipliers require you to place higher bets.

Step 4 – Play 

Real-world casino slot machines have a lever to pull, or a button for play, while you click play for online slot machines. You can opt for auto-spin, where the machine will keep spinning until your set deposit is exhausted.

Slot machines in thousands of varieties, and themes. They are fun to play and very addictive. Keep experimenting, picking up tricks and tips. The more you play the higher chances you will keep winning!