How to Bet Online and Win

How to Bet Online and Win

No matter the market, be it football or casino, online betting can be frustrating and costly. This has left lots of punters wondering how to bet and win. Although there are many success stories of punters, most punters know the feeling of a last-minute goal ruining the whole accumulator or just one team in thirteen having that red mark.

Most punters keep repeating the same mistakes hoping to win. However, to win in online betting, there are specific guidelines to follow.

In-depth research before betting

This is rule number one for a successful gambler. Recent studies show that current form, head to head information, and team news give you much advantage and improves your chance of winning. These statistics will help you have an analytical approach and work out which outcome is most likely.  For instance, if a mid-table team plays a top table-team, you should consider checking the previous matches and seeing which players were rested, which side appears fit than the other. This kind of information is essential when placing a bet. 

Keep a record

When playing Baccarat, it is advisable to keep a record of your wins and losses to help you see how much money you are losing. Also, it can help you change your gambling strategies.  Write down the type of bet, the stake and potential returns, and how much profit or loss you made. Do this over a period, a week, or a month. After that, make a tally of what type of bet let you down, how much money you lost or gained. If you realize you are making lots of losses, you can cut down on your gambling or come with a better strategy. Consider backing the type of bets that win your bets.

Profit is profit

No matter how small the profit is, it is still a profit. Most punters always prefer the big, life-changing win every week.  The place a couple of hundreds on bets, which could return thousands. These kinds of bets require lots of multiple selections, which reduces your chance of winning. You might see losing a couple of hundreds every week as something small, but when you sum them for a whole month, you will realize just how much you lose.  There is a better chance of winning if you bet on a few games to improve your chances of winning and get a small profit. This will help you boost your betting bank and may ultimately lead to a big life-changing profit over time.

Remember, you will not win every time

There is no full-proof way of winning a bet. This is because the games are unpredictable. For this reason, you should understand that there are off days in every punter’s life and accept the results. It would help if you did not place another bet immediately after losing a bet slip. You will end up throwing away lots of cash. Stay analytic, and have fun. 


To be a successful punter, you must be analytical and strategic. Having an analytic mind gives you an advantage as you will look at the available statistics and patterns before betting on Baccarat and other games. However, it would be best if you remembered to bet responsibly and reduce your losses to a minimum to enjoy betting.

Photo by Jannik Skorna on Unsplash