How Live Dealer Casinos Changed the Industry

How Live Dealer Casinos Changed the Industry

Online casinos emerged in the late 1990s. Since then, they have grown in popularity and are gradually replacing traditional land-based casinos. Technological innovations have transformed the way players enjoy their favorite online casino games. 

However, the introduction of live dealer casinos has had the most significant impact on the online gambling sector. They allow you to enjoy a wide range of games hosted by a live dealer regardless of location. Live dealer casino games have made the online casino gaming experience more appealing, especially to the younger generation. 

The following are some ways through which live dealer casinos have transformed the industry:

Minimizing the Risk of Cheating

Studies indicate that higher safety and security measures in live casino games significantly reduce the risk of cheating. They incorporate the latest technology to guarantee players a safe gaming experience. The increasing number of regulated online gaming platforms use software based on random number generation (RNG) algorithms.

Playing live dealer casino games at real tables allows you to test new strategies and tactics to achieve the best outcome. You can also access extended sets of settings, breathtaking design, and constant customer support. Customer support is particularly essential as it provides timely attention to the needs of players. 

Captivating Photography

To fully understand the benefits of live dealer casino games over virtual, software-controlled games such as roulette, you must first know how they function. But it is straightforward. The online casino operator records a game of baccarat, roulette, poker, or blackjack and broadcasts it in real-life using various cameras and complex streaming technologies. 

You can access these streams on your smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet from the comfort of your home or on the go. Extra controls and other in-game features enable you to play your favorite games for as long as you desire. 

In most cases, the cameras are placed strategically around the table. They are also set to zoom in on crucial actions such as card shuffling or dealing. If you are playing roulette, the picture will zoom in when placing the ball into the roulette wheel, and the exact instance the wheel stops and shows the lucky number. 

Online live dealer casinos enable you to track the game’s progress like you were physically sitting at the table due to transitions and through-cuts. Additionally, all the cameras capture HD footage that provides a thrilling visual experience. 

Genuine Scenery

Another vital aspect of live dealer casino games is that they are filmed in traditional land-based casinos or studios that mimic an actual casino. You will not see a group of beginners playing poker at their dining table. 

The games are played on real casino tables, with professional-grade equipment, genuine card decks, and shuffling shoes. This is extended to other games such as blackjack and roulette. Everything from the studio décor to the smallest detail on the playing tables is authentic. You will also be delighted to learn that real-life croupiers host live dealer online casino games. 

In most cases, professional dealers either sit or stand behind live casino tables. They are trained to maintain a pleasant demeanor and keep the game flowing smoothly. They also inform players on the other side of the screen about significant moves and steps inside the game. 

Promote an Interactive Environment

Most live dealer casino operators include an option allowing live chat in the games. This feature aims to induce an interactive and social atmosphere for the players. However, it does not compromise player anonymity. You play your favorite games while interacting with fellow players and the dealer. 

Live dealer casino game hosts often try to engage their audience. Interacting with dealers, usually attractive and talkative ladies, makes the games more enjoyable. You can also engage other players at regular intervals during the game. 

 All this is possible thanks to live video footage accessible to all active players and a live chat, audio, or messaging option monitored and answered by the dealer. However, these features are usually not available for players of regular online casino games. 

Classic online casino games are usually run by automated software, contributing to an impersonalized online gaming experience. Players are forced to play against other players with zero social interaction from the game’s beginning to its end. If you want an interactive gaming experience, you must look for online gaming platforms offering live dealer games. 

Increased Entertainment

If you are a regular player on online gaming platforms, you might sometimes find yourself craving a change in scenery. Live online casinos, on the other hand, offer an exciting gaming experience. You will also find the advanced functionality of live dealer games entertaining. 

Live casino games offer an expanded selection of bets and statistics fields compared to traditional land-based gambling venues and software-simulated ones. For instance, some live casinos allow you to bet on other players’ results at the table. 

You can also save your most frequent wagers. This will save time you would have otherwise wasted on placing chips each time you want to place a bet. The number and extent of these functions are constantly increasing because of improving software capabilities. 

Another advantage of live dealer casino games over standard online ones is that you watch a game without being obliged to place a bet. This is similar to real-life casinos, where you can sit at a table and monitor an ongoing match. However, you don’t embarrass yourself or annoy anyone with live dealer games. 

Observation is crucial for players who want to practice strategies. It enables them to draw lessons and make conclusions based on other players’ gaming experiences. Players can also skip games or particular moves, unlike casino table games that depend on software. 


Online casinos offer a similar gaming experience to traditional land-based casinos. Since their inception, live online casinos have become an essential feature of online gaming. Although only a handful of online casinos initially offered live dealer games, more are joining the bandwagon.

Some popular live dealer online casino games are poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. However, you need to understand the best strategies for each game. 

Photo by Sergi Viladesau on Unsplash