How Do Slot Games Differ From Card Games like Bridge?

How Do Slot Games Differ From Card Games like Bridge?

Bridge is a card game that offers a mix of skill and chance. In that respect, it’s not too different from poker, which is one of the world’s most popular casino table games. Yet you won’t find bridge in casinos or online casinos.

Casino floor space is usually reserved for simpler games that rely more on chance. Slots are one of the most popular type of casino games – both live and online. They are easy to learn and play, with payouts based on the spin of a reel.

How slots compare to other casino games

Casino games range from pure chance to part skill, part chance. For example, slots are games of chance. Players simply pull a level or if playing online slots games, push a button to see if the reels match up to offer a payday. That’s one of the reasons slots are so popular, as they don’t require too much thought and strategy. Instead, players can let fate do the work, and, for many, this is part of the enjoyment. 

There are casino games that are more skill-based, however. In blackjack, players can learn an optimal strategy for each decision based on what the dealer is showing. Doing so can reduce the house edge to less than one percent. 

The most skilled game in the casino is arguably Texas Hold’em. Players compete against each other rather than the house, and the casino takes a rake. 

Of all the casino games, bridge is probably best compared to poker. Both are card games played against opponents. They are both full of skill elements and difficult to master. Bridge, however, is even more complex, especially when it comes to the scoring. 

Arguments have been made to include Bridge as a casino table game, but truth be told the format doesn’t lend itself particularly well to casino betting. 

Slots, however, are the perfect game for both casinos and online casinos. They are exciting and exhilarating, popular among players, and the basic slots format can be adapted with different themes and bonus games. 

Bridge Versus Slots – Real Money?

Bridge and slots are two very different type of games. First of all, Bridge clubs and tournaments don’t usually compete for money. Rather, winners earn “masterpoints” which equate to a kind of ranking system. 

Players with a high ranking in Bridge are able to earn money by joining teams, taking on clients who want to improve, or by seeking sponsorship deals. Top professionals can earn around $200,000 a year. This is a lot, but nothing compared to, say, the top poker players. 

There is no betting rounds in Bridge. The first round involves bidding for tricks, but after that the hand is played for points. The game would require serious alterations if it were to become a viable casino game played for cash. 

Slots, on the other hand, have been designed specifically as a casino game. They are played for real money against the “house”. The machines or online games are programmed to payout slightly less than the input to give the casino an edge. 

Players choose their stake and place their bets. They then pull a level or press a button to spin the reel. If the reels match up, players win prizes according to the payout table.

Format of the game

Bridge is always played between two teams of two, which makes for four players on a table. This format doesn’t lend itself to a casino environment, where tables are scarce and floor space is optimized for profit. 

The only viable way to get around this would be a shootout style tournament, but again, compared to a nine-handed poker tournament, this is not exactly viable. Bridge is also very difficult to play and complex when it comes to the scoring

The room for error from either players or casino staff is huge. Every hand could potentially lead to problems for the floor staff.

The complexity of the game also means the player-base is more of a niche collective of card strategists rather than a mainstream audience of gamblers. Again, this points to Bridge’s place in a card club rather than a casino. 

Slots, meanwhile, are played as a solo game. It only requires one person to sit down at a machine, where they will face off against the casino in the hope of beating the odds and walking away on top. 

Given that slots are much easier to play and require no particular strategy, they are widely appealing to casual players. Different themes, songs, and bonus rounds contribute to a feeling that the game is varied and add appeal to different audiences. 

Where can you play Bridge and slots?

If you want to play Bridge competitively, a great place to start is in-person tournaments, which are running all year round in various locations across the UK, Europe, USA and beyond. 

It’s also possible to play Bridge online at various sites and Bridge clubs. As mentioned, these games are usually played for Masterpoints rather than cash, although it is possible to find tournaments with cash prizes on sites like Funbridge. 

At Funbridge, players are paired with robotic teammates for fairness and integrity, and are in contention against a pair of robots. 

So, although you won’t find Bridge at casinos or online casinos due to it being largely incompatible with the house edge and betting format of casino games, there are still plenty of options when it comes to finding a Bridge game.

Slots, on the other hand, are available at most casinos. You’ll even find a few machines dotted around the edge of the room in smaller casinos. They are such an appealing game, that it’s rare that you’ll enter a casino that doesn’t have at least a few slot machines. You can also find slots online at reputable casino sites. These sites partner with game developers to bring the latest titles, ranging from 3-reel slots to inviting video slots with movie themes.