History’s Big Wins

History’s Big Wins

By Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links

When was the last time you won big? We took a look at some of history’s biggest gambling wins and world records. You might just be the next player to take home a huge jackpot – and you’ll never know if you don’t start playing. Pick your game and get ready to bet… Who knows? It could be you!

Largest Online Slot Machine Jackpot

According to the Guinness World Records, the record for the largest payout in an online slot machine game totalled 17,879,645 euro’s – yup, you read that right – and took place in Cardiff, United Kingdom through Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot machine in October 2015.

Walking on the Moon?

What are the odds that someone will walk on the moon? Well, back in the mid-1960’s they figured the odds were more or less 1, 000 to 1. A man called David Threlfall contacted bookie William Hill to ask what they thought of the odds – and he immediately placed a bet on the idea that someone would walk on the moon (or any other planetary object for that matter) before “the first of January 1970”. We all know what happened next, and Threlfall was happy to walk away with a £10, 000 payout.

The Big One

While not technically a win, this one is a record: The World Series of Poker’s “The Big One” has a reported minimum buy-in of $1 million, the largest yet.

Bad Beat Jackpot

According to PokerListings.com, the world record for the largest bad beat jackpot of all time – that, for non-poker players, is when a particularly bad hand manages to win the game over a better one – was a huge total of $1.2 million by a player from New York.

A Winning Spin

Most people wouldn’t place all their cash on one spin of the roulette wheel – hell, not even us! But it went surprisingly well for businessman Pedro Bartelle, who placed a $35, 000 bet on 32 – and won. He took home the incredible amount of $3.5 million in winnings. Not half bad for one spin, don’t you think?

Tropicana’s Winning Streak

Winning streaks are great for the gambler – but, as it turns out, it could prove to be one hell of a knock to the casino on the losing end. In 2011, a single gambler hit the tables at the Tropicana Resort and Casino so hard that he took home $5.8 million in winnings – and caused a really rough month for the Tropicana.. Their president was quoted as saying “We had the single-largest winner in our history. If it hadn’t been for bad luck at the tables, we would have had a good month.”

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