Highest-Earning Gambling Influencers

Highest-Earning Gambling Influencers

At the start of the 2000s, the term “influencer” was uncommon. The only influencers that people paid attention to were people who were outstanding in their field and absolute authorities on their given subject or area.

By 2009, however, things began to change. People like PewDiePie and Zoella began appearing on platforms like YouTube and quickly gathered millions of followers. Along with these followers, they began gaining authoritative influence—impressing upon millions their ideas.

Today, there are thousands of influencers online. Each has their unique “brand” and a strong following of supporters who look to them for guidance. 

What Is an Influencer?

Essentially, an influencer is a person who works in marketing. Influencers market specific products or services and, as compensation, receive endorsements or payment that is dependent on how many followers or views they receive.

However, unlike influencers from yesteryear, today’s influencers don’t specifically need to have any authority or expertise in an area. Instead, they just need to possess a significant social influence via social media channels and arrange deals with notable brands.

Using this influence, they can encourage followers to purchase a specific brand of product, adopt a particular idea they support, or even recommend which online casino gamblers should try their luck. 

As the online gambling industry has expanded, gambling influencers have garnered massive popularity and, alongside this, incredible paychecks. Some earn so much from influencing others that it’s like they have hit the jackpot without gambling a cent.


As one of the most iconic slot streamers online, Roshtein has regularly posted slot-related content since 2016. Because he has a disappointing number of followers on platforms like YouTube, his preferred platform is Twitch. 

With more than 1.06 million followers, Twitch is where he excels and provides reviews of the latest slots. He has even helped launch new slots like Rosh Immortality Cube by GameArt. Aside from this, his website offers an online casino list of brands he supports.

Aside from winning staggering cash prizes while playing, like a $17.5 million win on Wanted – Dead or Alive, he earns a generous amount of money from Twitch. While there are no public figures of this amount, his net worth of approximately $130 million speaks volumes.

It should also be noted that he is a registered ‘Stake Fan.’ His close affiliation with the popular online casino shows he knows how to secure a deal when needed.

Brian Christopher Slots

Popular on YouTube, Brain Christopher Slots does what many other gambling influencers do—plays slots so that others can experience the thrill they offer. However, the unique way he engages with viewers has amassed a following of over 590,000 people.

Posting videos since 2006, Brian is one of the most influential gambling content providers on the platform and has achieved over 428 million views across fewer than 4,000 videos. The estimated 20-to-30-thousand-dollar payday generated by these views has led him to a net worth of approximately $3 million.

Vegas Low Roller

Run by Daniel Lorenzo Manichi, Vegas Low Roller is one of the most popular channels on YouTube for players who aren’t interested in spending heaps of money. Instead, Daniel goes into the biggest Vegas casinos and shares his experience playing slots with low to moderate betting costs.

With over 248,000 subscribers, Daniel has posted over 2,500 videos and collected over 202 million views. This popularity has gained him an estimated monthly income of $30,000. Once all is said and done, his net worth is approximated at around $1.3 million. 

While this may seem like little, this is growing steadily thanks to his many views. The popularity his channel gained during a bullying altercation with another influencer, Scott Richter (The Big Jackpot), who allegedly was harassing him and other YouTubers, also helped boost his following and increase his monthly earnings. 

Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck HQ is a YouTube channel by Francine Maric that focuses on sharing her experiences visiting different casinos and playing various slot machines. She has a way of captivating viewers’ attention that has amassed a generous following.

On Instagram, she has over 125,000 followers. Her Facebook page has significantly more (401,000), while her TikTok account has only a slightly higher number than Instagram (194,400).

While these amount to more than 720,400 followers, her main platform is YouTube. This is also where she generates most of her income, as over 319,000 subscribers watch her more than 2,000 videos.

Not only has the channel garnered her a net worth of approximately $800,000, but she still receives a generous monthly amount. Her monthly payment from YouTube is estimated at approximately $23,000. Aside from this, she has also signed deals with iconic brands like Caesars Rewards—a program run by Caesars Entertainment.

Payne Insider

Payne is not only a professional sports bettor who has over 16 years of experience and a proven track record. He is also a well-known figure and a proud online betting and gambling advocate. In fact, he is the founder of Bet The Board—a podcast dealing exclusively with sporting news and gambling tips. 

Online, he has significantly fewer followers than many other gambling influencers. His Twitter accounts for just 42,900, and his YT trails far behind at just 2,790. However, he is not shy of deals, endorsements, or appearances. 

He has previously secured deals with the famous sports betting brand FanDuel. Aside from this, he appears on TV channels like Fox Sports, CBS, and even ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network). 

These appearances, deals, and his success at sports betting are estimated to have gathered an impressive net worth. Unfortunately, no public figures are available to show just how much he has made. 

Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash