Gifts Ideas to Surprise Your Game-loving Husband this Father’s Day

Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Game-loving Husband this Father’s Day

Gambling as a leisure activity  has been adopted by millions of people across the globe and has landed a spot right at the top next to sports, which means it has some die-hard enthusiasts. If you’re married to someone who loves cards and in particular the kind one finds at a casino, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. For this Father’s Day, or any other special day, we’ve gathered together some  ideas for gifts for gamblers.

A trip to a brick and mortar casino

Online gaming has taken over the world by storm thanks to its convenience and ease of access. Therefore, chances are your husband rarely or never visits a location-based establishment and enjoys their favorite sets online. Surprise him with a trip to an actual casino. Among the best destinations to try out include Las Vegas, Macau, Paris, and Morocco among others. These destinations host some of the biggest and most exotic casinos in the world. Some of them include The Parisian Macau, MGM Grand, The Palazzo, The Venetian Mandalay Bay, and many more.

If a vacation is not in your budget, you can find a local casino. This is easy in areas where gambling is legal. You could plan a casino hopping adventure! Dress up and sort out a list of casinos to visit all in one day. Some casinos actually supply limo shuttles from one establishment to another.

Purchase unique casino paraphernalia

Casinos have various items that are used to conduct games, most of which can be purchased and gifted. For instance, you can buy him dice if he likes playing craps. The set does not have to be exactly as those used in casinos, which are usually clear or translucent red; they are built this way so that players can see that they have no weights. Optionally, you can ask for a pair from his favorite brick and mortar casino. Gaming establishments have a limit on how long they can use a pair of dice. Once they retire these pieces, most are given away to clients. Or, you can buy a pair of fluffy dice replicas to hang in the rearview mirror of his car.

Another idea is to purchase poker cards. Maybe even a customized deck. Numerous online shops provide customization service for such merchandise, so you can have something special printed on them – a message or a photo. Poker chips are also a nice gift option. Plastic chips are easier to find and cheaper but its better to look for the clay option. The latter is similar to the ones used in casinos and are of better quality. Poker chips can also be customized.

You can find a lot of casino accessories on our sister site, Gifts for Card Players, on the Poker Page.

A real slot machine

Slot machine games are by far the most played games. If your husband is a slots enthusiast, wouldn’t it be cool to have an actual slot machine as the perfect gift? Slot machine production has gone down since the introduction of online casinos. However, this has not made the devices impossible to find. Depending on his gaming preference, you can go vintage with a lever slot machine or a modern version that uses video graphics and a button in the place of a lever. Of course, you’ll want to be sure that you have enough room for a slot machine before purchasing! You might find what you’re looking for at Hot Slots.

Table game layout

Table games are a classic that have dominated location-based gaming to date; this is mainly because they are social games that are best played as a group. Since it can be hard to buy an entire blackjack, poker, craps, or baccarat table, you can opt for a table layout. Table game layouts can be laid out on a table for play, and once done with, they can be folded and kept away for future use. Find out your husband’s favourite table set and hit online stores to find a layout that will best suit him. Layouts are typically made of felt with the necessary patters imprinted or stamped. On top of the layout, you can throw other accessories of the game such as playing cards, chips, and dice. We’ve added some Amazon links, which will take you to our affiliate account.

You could also go an extra mile and organize a gaming night for him and his buddies.

Lucky charm

And this is my favourite idea. Most gamblers believe in luck. Lady Luck. The Lucky Streak. A lucky charm can make  a perfect gift for you gambling spouse or friend. A horseshoe is one of gamblers’ go-to lucky charm. Other types of charm include guardian bells, lucky poker chips, items with the number seven and goldfish.

Any jewelry could be given as a lucky charm … card suit cufflinks, a lovely ring with card pips designs, or even a card design belt buckle. You can find a good collection of these on our Jewelry page.

Final Comments

Numerous items can be customized to suit a gift for gambling enthusiasts. The ones listed above make for the perfect present on whatever occasion.