Gambling By Type of Human Temperament: Choose the Right Game for yourself

Gambling By Type of Human Temperament: Choose the Right Game for yourself

We all make different decisions in life. But what is this phenomenon that separates the decisions of one person from the other? Well, the answer is simple, temperament.

As a gambler in a casino online Swiss, you will be required to make vital decisions during any casino game. What’s more, you will have to stake a valuable item to win something of greater value under uncertain conditions.

Since your success in gambling will largely be determined by the decisions you make, you can give yourself a winning edge by choosing the right game for your personality.

To help you find the right game for your personality, we will be looking at the risk-taking ability, confidence, social skills, comfortability, and interaction patterns of different gamblers.

Types of Human Temperaments and the Right Casino Games for Them

Extrovert Risk Taker

Extrovert risk-takers are the high-risk gamblers, they enjoy putting everything on the line. People who love living life on the fast lane without zero worries or fear. If this sounds like you, then you should go for games with high payouts. Examples of such games include craps, keno, and progressive slots. You should find any of these games enjoyable and play them for hours without getting bored. However, you should remember to always set a budget.

Speculating Risk Lover

This is an interesting personality. People that fall under this category are those that prefer taking calculated risks. Before making any move, they think and analyze the risks involved. They only take a risk after they’ve properly thought about the possible damage. This is the personality of an entrepreneur. If you fall under this category, you should go for casino games such as black, poker, and craps.  Though these games have high stakes, the rewards, and recognition that offer are just as high.

The Escapist

To put it simply, escapism is a mental diversion from facets of life that one finds boring or sad. Hence, escapists in casinos are usually there for entertainment and to attain a state of mind that is free of worries. Escapists aren’t just interested in having fun, but they also want to play games that bring them comfort. If you are an escapist, you should opt for slots. You can play slots online or in land-based casinos.

The Reserve and Introvert

Some people prefer to live their lives away from the eyes of others and without disturbance. They simply enjoy being alone. Should they find themselves amid an unfamiliar group, they will feel out of their comfort zone. This type of people requires silence and calmness to do what they do best. If you find yourself in this category, you should consider playing either slots video poker, or slot machines. Any of these casino games will allow you to spend as much time as you need tracing out luck or figuring out a way of landing big wins.

Competitive and Aggressive

Some people were born to fight. They enjoy competing and will never give up regardless of how tough the situation is. Even when defeat seems inevitable, their eyes can be seen lighting up as they try to figure how to turn this around. Nothing tastes better on their lips than victory. If you fall under this category, poker tournaments should be perfect for you. Beating the challenge and surpassing your opponents will give you satisfaction and make you happy.

Flamboyant and Flashy

This category of people are super-rich and they don’t mind showing people just how rich they are. They are extravagant and egoistic upstate dwellers that enjoy throwing huge cash around like it’s nothing. People like this are addicted to luxury and will pay any price to be treated like the kings and queens that they are. If you want to gamble luxuriously and comfortably, you should play blackjack, craps, or baccarat. You will enjoy these games even more if you walk into a star-studded casino.

Frugal and Calculative

Different types of people gamble, including people that don’t like spending money unnecessarily. People in this category will probably think twice or thrice before buying their mom’s birthday gifts. They are also the type of people to purchase clothing from a consignment store. Frugal and calculative gamblers should consider playing slot machines and video poker. This is because both games allow players to make use of every single cent. Also, you should learn how to play both games smartly if you are a frugal player. You may even read books such as The Frugal Gambler and Mo


People in this category are hard-working and very responsible. They like what they do and will do anything to succeed. However, they tend to be radical perfectionists as they usually undermine their work.  They downplay their success and are not interested in recognition. But while they don’t seem to like competition, they don’t enjoy losing. Perfectionists are always out to achieve their goals. If you are a perfectionist, you should consider playing slot games and video poker. You won’t have to compete with anyone directly when playing them.

Practical Players

Practical players are easily identifiable when they walk into any place. They have excellent social skills and are usually well known within their social group. Also, they are altruistic and do not like not having control over a situation. Without control, they tend to get nervous. Practical players will enjoy games that feature that allow them to play socially and practically. Hence, they should have a great time playing a table game or at a live dealer casino.

Final Thoughts

There is a particular type of casino game for every personality. Next time you decide to play a casino game, do your best to ensure that you choose one that suits your personality. This way, you can play comfortably and also earn cool rewards. Whatever your personality may be, we hope you always remember to gamble responsibly and have fun while at it.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash