Funbridge comes on board as Gold Sponsor of Great Bridge Links

Funbridge comes on board as Gold Sponsor of Great Bridge Links

FunBridge GotoGamesWe’re very exited today to introduce a new Gold Sponsor for Great Bridge Links.

Funbridge is an app that allows you to play bridge online. You can play an unlimited number of deals on all your devices (and all platforms) with a single account. The Funbridge app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles and tablets as well as Mac and Windows computers.

While you play, you are presented with descriptions of bidding and play that  teach you the basics of bridge. If you already know how to play bridge, Funbridge remains a great way to practice bidding and card play against robots or against friends. Haven’t played bridge in years? Funbridge is the perfect opportunity to get yourself back into the game. Funbridge has a lovely graphic user interface, making it easy to play on any device and at any resolution. Funbridge is a tool. On Funbridge, you play the hand in South. while North, East and West are played by computers. In this way, you are fairly compared and ranked to thousands of other human players. You play at your own pace, and can interrupt or resume a hand or tournament at any time. You can challenge a friend, or play in federation tournaments or create your own tournaments.

On Funbridge, you always play in South partnered by a game engine in North and are pitted against two other engines in East/Wes t.To ensure mutual understanding between you and your partner North, you are able to set your card play and bidding conventions.

Funbridge began in 2003 and has been growing ever since. Last year during the 2017 World Championships, Funbridge introduced Funbridge Live which allowed viewers to watch the competition while it was played. And most recently, Funbridge is one of only 3 providers world-wide offering the World Bridge Federation’s Robot Bridge Tournaments.

Funbridge has 169,639 regular players and over 900,000 deals are played each day. Here are some Funbridge rates:

Funbridge Free:

  • 100 first deals for free
  • Then 10 deals for free every week

Funbridge PREMIUM

$13.99/ month
  • Unlimited play
  • No commitments
  • Cancel at any tim

Sponsorship helps support Great Bridge Links

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