Free Slots 7777: Evolution of Online Classic Slot Machines

Free Slots 7777: Evolution of Online Classic Slot Machines

Present-day online and offline heavily feature classic slot machines in their portfolio. Сlassic slot machines are comparably less complicated alluding to the early gaming days. Nonetheless, innovative designers keep spicing them up with modern graphics to make them more appealing to the younger generations.

Classic slots are believed to have developed from the early day video poker machine as designed initially by Pittman and Sitt towards the closing years of the 19th century. Like the classic pokie machine, the early pokie had a reel layout. Players, like in classic slots, won if a poker combination on a given line resembled that of paytable specifications.

From these early days, classic slot machines became popular across land-based casinos. The introduction of the internet based casinos also saw operators embrace the awesomeness of classic machines, although with slight modifications to ensure a modern touch of the game.

From Classic Slot Machines to Free Online 3D slots

Charles Fet is credited as the first designer of the classic pokie. Known as Liberty Bell, this was a combat-inspired pokie that features a one-armed bandit. The slot had 3 reels and successive designers had 3 reels as their default slot layout.

From the early gambling days, pokies are some of the most popular casino games. The incorporation of high-quality graphics, faster machines, and the auto spin features are some of the characteristics that keep gamblers looking for the recent game releases.

Free Slots 7777: Evolution of Online Classic Slot Machines - Great Bridge LinksDouble Diamond Classic Slot Machine

The internet age has even brought pokies closer. Online reviews like free slots 7777 continue to update us on the latest games from to designers with no download no registration. Top games from casino pokies to fruit machines contain the best reviews which give detailed information regarding their free spins, bonus rounds, and jackpots.

To date, classic pokies have undergone a major transformation owing to inventions and innovations by developers. Here are some of the exciting trends that underline the classic pokies transformation journey.

  • Gamification – Nowadays, even classic slot machines are served with an in-game multi-level system. Unlike in the early days when this feature was absent, present-day slots feature bonuses that change as you play. Besides, casinos are leveraging technology to organize competitive tournaments and leaderboards where gamblers win epic cash prizes, bonuses, and other instant rewards. These competitions help to build traffic on specific casino sites offering them
  • Mobile-first approach – The shift nowadays, whether for classic or modern slots, is mobile. Features that ensure gambling while on the go is possible. All designers are, therefore shifting their technical goals towards ultimate mobile-optimized gambling and gaming features. The incorporation of the html5 specifications is highly embraced as games with such features do not require downloading. They are accessible instantly via browser flash players
  • Virtual Reality – From the basic pokie machines in physical casinos, developers are, in recent times, tapping into the technology of virtual reality in slot gaming. By allowing feeling the real touch of the game, VR mimics real-life experiences through devices such as the Oculus Rift.
  • Increase in the number of Skill-based games – While classic pokies were barely simple, new slots are designed with challenging levels that are meant to make the game more interesting. Instead of just relying on luck, games come with certain factors that players can influence through gaming calculations. Such games, usually come with dynamic RTPs unlike regular pokies which have fixed RTPs

Classic Online Slots

Classic slots machines are sometimes referred to as traditional ones owing to their simplicity. They mainly feature 3 reels and only 1 payline. While playing classic slot machines there, symbols are majorly fruit-based themes. No wonder you might find in some quarters classic slot games labeled fruity slot machines.

The standard symbols in classic slots include fruits like lemons, oranges, melons, cherries, and pineapples—single, double, triple bars, and Lucky 7’s feature prominent in the classic slot machines.

  • Classic slots are popular across online casinos because they offer a simple layout that is easy to operate with.
  • Despite their simplicity, classic slot machines come with vast jackpot possibilities.
  • Classic slots are diverse to cover different gambling tastes and preferences.
  • It is relatively easy to win with classic pokies as winning formations are generated between only 3 reels and 1 to 5 paylines.
  • Some classic slots like Book of Ra, Double Wammy, and Couch Potato come with exclusive in-game bonuses through which payouts are significantly boasted.

Early Versus Modern slot machines

Early slot machines Modern slot machines
Mainly characterized by a simple structure of 3 reels and 1 payline Modern slot machines come with 5 reels and diverse paylines (5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 or 243 winning ways
Graphics are barely simple Well-researched 3D graphics to perfectly match the game’s theme
Common payout symbols include fruits, lucky 7s, and bars symbols A variety of symbols including animals, earthly physical features, vegetation and trees to mention just a few
The gameplay is easy to understand and operate Modern games, especially with gamification leaderboards, are relatively complex to play. Besides luck, players ought to grasp some skills to beat the casino.
Classic slot machines have few payout combos owing to the relative few symbols that contribute to a winning formation Modern pokie machines have innumerable winning payout formations owing to the large number of symbols that describe diverse slots


Random Number Generator or RNG, as popularly abbreviated, is the brains behind the working of any pokie machine. For classic slots, RNG is a machine microchip capable of generating numbers all the time, as long as it is on. The random number is generated at a rate of unimaginable billions within seconds. The numbers so made determine the position of reels, whether in classic or modern slots.

Whenever a player presses the play button or pulls the lever in old-fashioned machines, it will spectacularly display the positions of the most recent digits or numbers created. It is these numbers that correspond to the areas occupied machine reels.

The numbers created by this microprocessor within milliseconds are translated into diverse combinations of symbols as appearing on the reels.

3 Reel Slots

Mainly, they are the old-style slots, which can also be referred to as classic-style slot machines. They have a simple layout with only 3 reels on which fruity symbols, standard poker cards, and bar symbols interact to give players winning patterns. Nonetheless, to afford them a decent modern look, designers are giving them extra cool symbols. Like modern slot machines, 3 reel slots come in different categories, which distinctive features as follows.

  • Classic 3-reel slots with fixed jackpots – They have 3 reels and a fixed jackpot prize. These machines mainly have a coin range of 1 to 3 coins. Mostly, the wins from these games are proportional to the coins staked. However, there is a possibility that the jackpot prize will increase disproportionately after wagering the third coin.
  • Classic 3-reel slots with progressive jackpots – Whether in classic or modern games, progressive slots are some of the most loved gambling top prizes. To qualify for this prize, gamblers must trigger the maximum bet option. Depending on the casino you are playing in, the progressive prize keeps on growing until such a time when the lucky player hits the winning combination.
  • Classic 3-Reel slots with bonus rewards for maximum coins – Nowadays, it is hard to find slot machines of this nature. They give out payouts for only betting with only 1 or 2 coins. In exceptional instances, players can as well stake the maximum 3 coins.
  • WAPs (Classic 4-Reel Classic Slots) – IGT first invented them in the 1980s. They were mainly known as WAPs standing for Wide Area Progressive pokies. The jackpot prize of these games accumulates across the carousels of all pokie machines found within a given locality, state or the entire country in some instances. The odds of winning this jackpot are barely minimal, a percentage of every amount wagered on the game goes to the pooled prize.

Fruit Slot Machines

Fruit machines refer to the devices which are mostly activated by coins. Averagely, they come with at least 3 spinning reels. Their reels carry fruit-themed symbols like the iconic cherries, lemons, and watermelons.

Like regular slot machines, players aim to get the reels spinning and get a payout-activating fruity combination. There are different prizes determined by various symbol patterns or formations. With an estimated average return to player of 70% to 98%, fruit slot machines are comparably generous.

Free Slots 7777: Evolution of Online Classic Slot Machines - Great Bridge LinksSizzling Hot Deluxe Slot with fruit symbols

Fruit machines have easy gambling session. The player interface has several control functions that have direct commands. For example

  • Hold button- players engage this button to pause some reels while others are spinning. This serves to increase the overall chances of winning. Assuming a player had 2 cherries in a row, he can quickly press the hold button and spin the third row while hoping that another cherry will show up and collect a win from the 3 of the kind cherry pattern.
  • Cancel button- By pressing this button, the reels will automatically slow down hence helping players to land easily spot winning patterns and also find symbols that lead to winning formations.

While these control buttons are the key to landing a payout, players should know what the aim of the game is about. The goal is to have a whole line with the same picture or symbol. It does not matter whether such images are vertical, diagonal, horizontal, or V-shaped.

All fruit machines have corresponding pay charts. These charts highlight what different pictures or symbols are worth once they appear on a payline.

Bonus Slot Machines

Free Slots 7777: Evolution of Online Classic Slot Machines - Great Bridge LinksSlot machines, both classic and modern ones, are served with loads of bonuses. The awarded bonuses are meant to promote specific games in particular casinos. They are meant to attract new players while at the same time appreciating the loyal ones. The three common types of slot machine bonuses are:

  • Gamble feature- this is an in-game bonus. After a base game win, a player is introduced to a mini-game of guessing the next drawn card’s color. A right guess gives a doubling effect on your wins while a wrong guess means you forfeit all your wins.
  • Bonus game Feature- Mainly comes in the form of a symbol that may appear stacked to replace all other symbols and help you win easily.
  • Free spins – During a classic game session, like in the Book of Ra, 3 scatter symbols appearing on reels 3 will activate a bunch of 15 free spins. This gives a player the chance of spinning without risking any extra coin.

Progressive Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines, unlike classic slots, have a prize pool that grows with a portion of every wager placed by different players. There are several types of progressive slots.

  1. Single-Machine Progressive Slots- These machines have their progressive meters. Meters rise with every bet placed on the machine. The meter increases progressively as different players place their bets. When a lucky winner strikes the prize, the meter is reset to the base value.
  2. Single-level progressive slot – The game’s display meter indicates only one rising amount. Mostly they are mechanical 3-reel games like Blazing 7s or the Megabucks.
  3. Multi-level progressive slot – They have multiple jackpot tiers. Using hyperlink systems, developers like Aristocrats offer multi-level progressives labeled as Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand.
  4. Linked – Perhaps the most common progressive pokie machines. Several pokie machines with a specific casino are linked to a similar jackpot prize through electronic means. If a player in any of the interconnected games wins the jackpot, the prize automatically resets the rest of the machines to a lower base level.
  5. Wide-area progressive slot – Different slot machines with a jackpot prize and within a state or a country are linked together. A given percentage of the bets placed on the prize goes to the progressive pool, which grows until a lucky player strikes it.
  6. Bonus-Driven – The jackpot prize is awarded through a bonus play. For instance, a bonus wheel is given where players progressively collect instant prizes until they strike a jackpot.
  7. Symbol-Driven- Lining up a given number of symbols will get the slot’s top prize. For 3-reels slots, 3 symbols are enough while for 5-reels pokies, lining up 5 symbols on an active payline is required.
  8. Mystery progressives – players win the coveted jackpot prize through surprise moves. There are no jackpots collected on the reels. Besides, there are no bonus symbols to activate the jackpot prize. The random number generator just selects the jackpot amount as you spin.

Video & 3D Slots

In the current online gambling era, 3D slots are increasingly becoming popular across casinos. Their multiple paylines offer more winning combinations, while the availability of many payment methods makes their enjoyment more convenient.

Unlike classic slots, video slots have more reel, at least 5, and extra paylines. Their visuals and animations are quite elaborate, owing to the use of 3D technology. Features of Video Slots:

  • Superb and outstanding 3D visuals and animations.
  • Scatter symbols which can fall anywhere on reels to unlock either a payout feature or the free spins feature.
  • Wild symbols that generally substitute all other symbols (except the scatter to help you win big).
  • The auto-play feature allows players to spin the slot machines the maximum number that they wish to play.
  • Paytable that contains information about winning combos and the expected payouts.

Free Slots 7777: Evolution of Online Classic Slot Machines - Great Bridge LinksStarburst space-themed slot

While the general slot industry has been experiencing revolutionary trends, here are some top video slots that highlight these the visual trends

  • Starburst – This is one of the most popular NetEnt pokie machines. It comes with a simple layout that is well-lit with distinct bright and well-balanced colors. The sparky jewels have a specific wild symbol that can substitute all other symbols, the slot also an auto spin button.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk – Another slot game that underscores new trends with immersive 3D animations on its symbols. Besides, the gaming soundtracks, images, and the overall theme point to a visually stimulating game.
  • Spartacus – Built by Williams Interactive, this game comes with a strongly lit theme plus befitting animations. Backdrop soundtracks will undoubtedly tickle your gaming moods.
  • Michael Jackson (King of Pop), Guns’ n’ Roses, Tomb Raider– With befitting cartoon characters, these games stress the developing trend of designing games around famous artists with spectacular animations.
  • Pixies of the Forest – To avoid predictability, there is a growing trend to use more surprise elements as underscored by this game. The animated pixies stand out as wilds, masking off the rest of the symbols across paylines to ooze big wins as winning lines beautiful glow.

Virtual Reality Slots

Many gaming software companies want to make your online gambling experience as real as possible. With headsets like Occulus Rift, you can enjoy a real casino experience from your home’s comfort. Unlike classic slots, VR slots, players must download and install the VR set up on their desktops or laptops. Occulus Rift is, for instance, compatible with Windows computers.

In 2015, SlotsMillion became the first online casino to announce its Virtual Reality application was opening a floodgate of other casinos with a keen eye to offering a new immersive gambling environment.

When done installing the VR to your desktop, you specify the screen configuration and then sign in to your casino account using the personal credentials. There are personalized avatars to choose from. Besides, you can use the keyboard controllers or video game controllers while enjoying the game.

VR slots, just like regular slots have:

  • the coins button to adjust the betting range
  • Autoplay feature to set the maximum number of spins at once
  • VR slots allow for more significant interaction between players as more players can access the online casino at the same time

Over the last ten years, slot machines have undergone radical and progressive changes. The increasing demand for smartphone gamblers has led to companies producing exclusive mobile-optimized games. The use of html5 specifications ensures no extra plugins when playing across mobile platforms.

The increasing use of gamification features, as highlighted by gaming tournaments and slot leaderboards is a revolutionizing transformation felt in both classic and modern pokie machines.

More recently, casinos are using virtual reality platforms to offer cutting-edge virtual reality games. With devices like the Oculus Rift, players can get a taste of real Las Vegas casino while on the go or at their homes.