Fixed Odds Games – Best Parlor Choices in 2022!

Fixed Odds Games – Best Parlor Choices in 2022!

Slots and card games are among the most popular casino games enjoyed by players worldwide. Even so, every player might feel the need to try out something new from time to time – hit the refresh button and discover new forms of entertainment. The alternative are parlor games: simple, fun, and with much less anxiety involved! 

How many times have you felt nervous about the outcome of your strategy? Quite an unpleasant emotion, which is much less present in the parlor games selection. Why? The answer is simple: there are plenty of parlor games with fixed odds, where there is only you VS luck. 

If you are new to the online casino   industry, you might be wondering what “fixed odds” means. As the name suggests, in this style of betting the amount of money you can win doesn’t change after you place your bet. In other words, the player’s objective is to select one of the options available in order to win a reward. The outcome of the bet is completely determined by luck. No strategies, no tactics, just pure luck. This fact makes fixed odds games very different from poker, slot machines, and other popular entertaining genres because odds are made clearly available for every game. 

If you are intrigued by this, stick around, we are going to introduce some of the best fixed-odds games. 

Top Fix Odds Parlor Games 

When it comes to popularity, parlor games with fixed odds are way behind slot machines, poker, and blackjack games, but they can still be found in almost every online casino, both basic games, and their modern variations. If you ever feel like trying your luck, these are the games you want to explore: 

Dice Games. Doesn’t get any simpler than this; roll the dice and hope that Lady Luck will be on your side. This is one of the basic fixed odds games, which has a lot of variations; nonetheless, in every game, the rules are the same, the player just rolls the dice and wait. Some variations contain bet multipliers and similar features, but the principle is identical in each- you place a bet, the odds are fixed, choose the number and wait for your lucky roll! 

Heads and Tails.  Ignore what we said about Dice. Heads and Tails is the simplest game in the whole iGaming market, worldwide. If you ever flip a coin, you know the rules of this parlor game; at the start of the game, a gambler must choose the amount of the bet. The second step- press the flip button. The third step- hope for the best. That’s it. One of the best developers of Heads and Tails releases is EvoPlay, whose parlor games are powered by great graphics. 

Hi-Lo.  An uncomplicated card game , suitable for players who are still trying to find their way around online casinos. What’s the deal here: Players are required, after placing a bet, to guess whether the next drawn card will be higher or lower than the one already placed on the table. Again, player VS pure luck situation, and 50-50 % chances to win. Simple, but entertaining. 

Wheel of Fortune. The famous, adored American TV Game, got its online edition! Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular parlor games, that has multiple variations such as Money Wheel, Dream Catcher, Mega Wheel, Crazy Time. Depending on the title, the rules may vary, but the point remains the same- spin the wheel, collect the letters, and finally crack the word puzzle.


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