Discover The Easiest Card Game For Beginners 

Cards for Beginners: The Best Card Games for First Timers 

One thing that’s always good fun when you’re with friends – whether it’s a big group or just one mate – is card games. And the fun part is that there are so many different games you can choose from, ranging from simple to complicated. You can play with lots of people or just one other. You can even choose between games that are quick and others that’ll take a little longer. 

Clearly, card games come in many different forms. Of course, there’s the traditional games with a standard deck. However, these days, there’s so much more than that too – you can play games with specialty decks, games that range from simple to rather complicated! However, if you’d rather stick to the classic deck, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Here are a few of the simplest card games to try if you’re not in the mood to spend time figuring out new rules and explaining how to play!


Snap is a bit like playing pokies as all you need to do is match the symbols to be a winner. It’s a simple game if you’re just considering the rules – it doesn’t take much to understand the aim of the game and what you can and can’t do. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy to win!

To be good at Snap, you need to be quick and it’s all about memory. It’s a fast-paced game that requires lightning-fast reflexes, so if that sounds like you’re thing, Snap may just be the game for you.

So, how does it work? Well, the aim of the game is to end up with all the cards, and to play Snap, you need to divide the entire deck in half and give each player a stack – obviously, this one’s only for two people! Then, each player takes turns placing cards face up on the table to create a big pile. You need to go quickly, and the idea is that when a matching card is put down, players need to yell “snap” as quickly as possible. The first person to do so gets to collect all the cards in the middle. Eventually, one person will end up with the whole and when they do, they win!

Crazy Eights

To flip things completely on their head, the aim of Crazy Eights is to get rid of all your cards. Each player gets eight cards. From there, you take turns putting down cards that either match the suit or the rank of the card on top of the pile in the middle. 

Alternatively, you can put down an eight which allows the suit to be changed. Or, if you can’t do that either, you’ll have to pick up a card from the middle. You keep going until somebody has no more cards!


Last but not least, War may be the easiest card game to play. Much like Snap, the entire deck is split between two people. Each player puts down a card at the same time and whoever has the highest card takes both. 

The aim of the game is to keep going until one person has the entire deck!

Card Game Rules

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