Card Games vs Video Games: Pros and Cons Analysed

Card Games vs Video Games: Pros and Cons Analyzed

I have been playing Magic the Gathering on and off for the last fifteen years. I started playing Yu-Gi-Oh when I was eight. And I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. I’ve dabbled in every genre of game. Won more ranked matches than some people have ever played. And some of my fondest memories are being sat around a kitchen table jamming games of Magic with my closest friends.

But not everyone has the time or money to be both a video game player and a TCG player. Often you have to be one or the other. And with so many amazing games out there, it can be difficult to pick which hobby to join. So, as a veteran of both, I have prepared the pros and cons of both hobbies to help you make a more informed decision. 

The Pros of TCGs

The first and most obvious advantage to playing a TCG is the social aspect. Long before the internet existed, TC gamers would meet up and battle it out week after week. 

For beginners, the in-person events can seem daunting. But they are fantastic places to learn the basics of the game while also getting some more technical tips and tricks from seasoned veterans. And you will most likely make some fantastic new friends along the way. Friday Night Magic is a great event to go to if you want to make your start in Magic The Gathering.

TCG’s also don’t rely on any form of technology. If the internet goes down or your power goes out, your TCG is still 100% playable. If you’re traveling and can’t take your console with you, your deck of cards will fit neatly into your bag. The portability of TCGs is one of its greatest strengths. 

The Cons of TCGs

We spoke about how the in-person nature of TCGs is a huge advantage. But oddly enough it is also one of its greatest weaknesses. Which was highlighted in the recent global pandemic. Lockdown was devastating for so many businesses. And TCG stores were hit hard. Lockdown meant you couldn’t meet up with friends to play. A TCG relies on having another physical person with you. So if you don’t have enough time in your schedule to be going out to events then a TCG might not be for you. 

Another huge downside is the cost. Entry level decks and cards aren’t too expensive. But TCGs suffer from something called ‘Power Creep.’ This is where the games have, over the years, introduced more powerful cards, making it harder to stay competitive without sinking a lot of money into the product.

Pros Of Video Games

The biggest pro of video games is the diversity. There truly is a game for everyone out there. No matter your taste. You have everything from shooters and puzzles games to turn-based strategies and point-and-click adventures. 

Thanks to the advent of the internet, modern video games are highly social. Multiplayer games are all the rage lately. And the lockdowns proved how important this new age of social gaming is. Video games allowed people to connect with one another virtually when they couldn’t physically. Many people have formed communities and deep connections with people through gaming. I even know some people who have met their significant other through various MMORPGs. 

Video games also offer the ultimate form of escapism. Which is something a lot of people value in this increasingly uncertain world. You can be anything you want in a video game. A cowboy. A monster hunter. A space explorer. Or simply a farmer. Often the sky’s the limit. 

Cons of Video Games

One of the main downsides to video games is the skill ceiling. A lot of games such as Dark Souls or Call of Duty Modern Warfare require a lot of time and practice to master. What a lot of the pros do is use cheats and hacks during their private training sessions to help improve their skill level. If this interests you then cod mw cheats can be found here at 

Another downside to video games is that modern gaming companies are shifting away from games as art and focusing on games as service. This is a devastating development for the world of gaming. More games these days require a constant online connection to play. You also can never fully own these games. So if the servers go offline, the game will be literally unplayable. Whereas, as long as you still own the cards, a TCG will never be unplayable.

Another downside to video games is the initial investment cost. You can’t just pick a game up off the shelf and play. You first need to buy a console or gaming PC. And these things aren’t cheap. And every few years you need to upgrade your system for the new generation. You also have to consider the cost of electricity and internet. That being said, a lot of the previous generation consoles can be bought fairly cheaply second hand. You just won’t have access to all the newest titles. 

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash