Card games that can improve cognitive ability

Card games that can improve cognitive ability

Getting older is the truth of life we all have to face. 

Though many fear old age, it isn’t something to be afraid of! With age comes wisdom and maturity, two fundamental traits that we admire. There are specific ways to keep yourself healthy and functioning well as you age. Exercise and healthy eating are two big ones, but did you know playing card games can help you age gracefully too?

Cognitive ability needs to be worked on, just like your muscles. Activities and games that stimulate your mind keep your brain spry — ideal for anyone trying to improve their mental functions while having some fun.

Ready to start a game? Here are some recommended card games to improve cognitive ability. 

Why is cognitive ability important?

Wondering why cognitive ability is so important? 

Cognitive skills refer to how we think, remember, learn and solve problems. Without these mental functions, we’d be lost entirely. Think of your day so far; you’ll have used these cognitive skills numerous times already. 

Cognitive skills include long-term memory, short-term memory, language production, decision making, predictions and fact processing. All critical skills that are needed to navigate human life. So, keeping these neural pathways running smoothly is vital as we age!

Experts recognize that card games can help boost and strengthen cognitive ability, especially in aging players. Whether played in person or on a computer, these games help users think about problems and demand a strong attention span. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a deck of cards handy. Many user-friendly apps have popped up with virtual card games for mobile users. There are many variations available, including free versions too. These games are available worldwide, including in EU countries such as Latvia. Find some of the most popular card games here: 

Top card games to improve cognitive ability

Ready to learn about the top card games? Start improving your cognitive functions today with these classic games: 


Blackjack is an international favorite, so you’ll never be stuck without players. Alongside simple rules, there’s a competitive element to the game, ideal for those who love to win. This card game boosts your memory while helping you focus on strategy and simple math. If you don’t own cards, you can find this popular game on online casinos or apps. Whether you’re a well-versed player or new to card games, this game is worth a try.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is another card game that’s popular worldwide. One of the perks of this option is that it’s easy to learn, but don’t let that fool you. Gin Rummy requires a great deal of attention to detail if you want to win. Players need to remember the cards in play, improving their short-term memory with every game. 


New to card games? Solitaire is an excellent place to start. This game teaches you about the different cards and their suits, building knowledge for other card-based games. All you need for this game is a pack of cards, but many players prefer playing this classic game online as it comes as a basic game on many computers. Start here if you’re not confident with cards yet.


Mahjong isn’t technically a card game, but we’re including it nonetheless. This Chinese tile game is one of the best to embrace if you want to improve your cognitive functioning. Mahjong is very complex, and the aim of the game is to make matching sets and pairs of tiles. This gives your cognitive functions a complete workout. Once you’ve mastered the rules, this game is fun too. The best way to try this game is online, as many free options are available.


Finally, another classic card game to embrace is Bridge. If you’re proficient with cards, this is an option to try as the game can be played at a very high level, and there are frequent tournaments to try out. Another benefit of Bridge is that it can be played with others. Adding a social aspect that will create friendly competition while improving your memory and attention span. Get your friends together and start today!

Final thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a way to train your brain, cards could be your new hobby. Whatever game you pick, make sure you keep practicing until you master the game. Add a social aspect to your game days for some extra fun. Good luck and enjoy!

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash