Bridge for Bookworms: Start your 2019 Reading

Bridge for Bookworms: Start Your 2019 Reading

It’s a great time to mark the biggest bridge games for the year in your calendar, but it’s also about time to plan your reading list!

There are some great new bridge books scheduled for this year, and we’ve collected some of them so you can start your reading list with some of the best bridge books around – including fiction, nonfiction and lesson-oriented nonfiction that can help to make you a better bridge player.

Here’s our pick of some of the books you should add to your list for this year so far.

The Full Master Point Press 2019 Catalogue

Master Point Press is one of the largest publishers of bridge and card books in the world, and every professional and amateur bridge player should keep an eye on their list of publications for the year. You can download their 2018/2019 catalogue (in pdf-format) from their website at Master Point Press.

2019 Times Bridge Calendar

The 2019 Times Bridge Calendar features bridge problems, questions and challenges from the work of champion bridge player and writer Andrew Robson, and it’s worth ordering if you like to have daily brain teasers to keep your mind active. It’s best combined with regular bridge playing if you want it to improve your technique, of course…

 Don’t Be Fooled: Countering Deception at Bridge

Plenty has been written about poker, bluffing and how to either become the best or counterthe best; the same isn’t true for bridge, and there isn’t nearly as much information out there about the same techniques applied to the game of bridge. Don’t Be Fooled: Countering Deception at Bridge by Danny Roth seems to be one of the only books addressing the topic, scheduled to be released this year.

Moysian Play: Those magic 4-3 trump fits by Warren Watson

Moysian Play: Those Magic 4-3 Trump Fits is a book made for more advanced players who are looking to add some more proper learned technique to their game.

How to Play & Win at Bridge: History, Rules, Skills and Tactics by David Bird

Every bridge player should have a few all-encompassing bridge books on their bookshelf – or as part of their Kindle if you prefer not lugging all your books around like you’re about to go to Hogwarts. How to Play & Win at Bridge by David Bird is one of the announced titles this year that should make it onto your shelf if you’re looking for another one of those all-encompassing bridge books.

Grand Slam Murders by RJ Lee

Bridge fiction is a genre gaining more and more popularity, and Grand Slam Murders by RJ Lee promises to be another great addition to the genre by one of its most popular authors; it’s part of the larger Bridge to Death mystery series, and if it’s anything like RJ Lee’s other work, you’ll be hooked right from the first chapter.

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